Dalai Lama at Dungkar Monastery - January 1951

In his sanctuary, the Dungkar monastery, not far from the Indian border, the Dalai Lama (right) stands with two of the three Khenpo, or abbots, who attend him constantly. The bugler at left is blowing a blast to signal the arrival of the holy relics. On the courtyard floor is a ceremonial rug rolled out for the occasion. Heinrich Harrer

Dalai Lama's sedan chair being carried by servants

The Dalai Lama's heavy sedan chair was borne by alternate teams of servants, who could carry it only a few hundred yards at a time. Heinrich Harrer

Map showing route of Dalai Lama's flight

Route of 284-mile flight, with buildings in which it began and ended, is shown on a perspective drawing. The Dalai Lama stopped overnight in each town listed. The longest stage was from Nagartse to Ralung; the highest point on the trip was Karo Pass (16,600 feet). Life Magazine graphics

Dalai Lama riding a white horse on his journey from Lhasa

Riding a white horse, led at walking pace by his grooms, the Dalai Lama makes his way across the almost trackless wastes near mountainous Karo Pass. Heinrich Harrer

Loaded yaks before the Potala Palace

Loaded yaks graze in front of the 1,000-room, 300-year-old winter palace of Norbulingka, where the Dalai Lama's flight began. Heinrich Harrer