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Laden Tshering Samdup

Laden Tshering Samdup

By Laden Tshering Samdup

KALIMPONG, India, 5 July 2021

Munching peanuts, basking in the winter sun, watching the world go by, is called “time pass”. First cry of the bundle of joy announcing its arrival in this world is called birthday; world record 100-metre sprint; Saturday night fever; you are late, brother; don’t waste your time; cold morning gaze from under the quilt; yoga time; departure announcement; first flight to El Dorado; left Shangri-La behind; it’s a date; funeral ceremony/gyawa.

I ain’t gone crazy man, the world has. My above ramblings are aspects of our life in the lap of the greatest cosmic power that governs our universe: time. The sum and total of these aspects forms our so-called life.

Our sense organs, sense perceptions, and our mind work jointly to create desires, and our life is a continuous struggle to fulfill them. We have not one or two desires but forests of desires. Desires create emotional hiccups, some good some bad, but it makes life worth living. Imagine the solitary life spent in the cave to get rid of desires, how frightening.

Some emotions are so brutal that they remain engraved in our subconscious mind as the unforgiving karma. It’s this karma which makes us face the good, the bad, and the ugly, and remain trapped in the cycle of death and rebirth. That’s what a holy man would tell you, and you would believe it as the absolute truth. Samsara is a ugly world but I find it a wonderful world — want to wake up early morning to see if the bean seeds have sprouted and follow their growth and be one with creation. Samsara offers innumerable sources of joy, revel in them and find your bliss here and now.

Time imparts dynamism in our life in the form of changes; it relentlessly changes everything, all the time — a baby to aged, seed to trees, and so on. The most significant of such changes is our death. Our experiences with these changes are not purposeless; these are the ways mother time matures our awareness to see the truth. Through these umpteen numbers of changes and repeated birth and death, time makes us to evolve and reach beyond the world of forms and changes and merge into eternity. Chomden de.

We are children of time, and we need to seek her grace to reach the eternal bliss or nirvana, “a state devoid of desires”. Time is also the mother who devours her children, but in death she gives a fresh lease on life with mind more mature and aware. Fire destroys the forest to enable regeneration of new and healthier forest.

Our mind is considered the main spoilsport in our spiritual journey. It’s well nigh impossible to control the mind, it being as stubborn as an elephant and as fickle as a monkey. Dollar-tagged packages to control the Mind like Transcendental Meditation, Buddhist retreats with room and breakfast included, are available but these are kid’s stuff compared to the TM I know. I have seen gaily-colored bakkhu– and chhuba-dressed Polas in transcedental state, smiling, blissful glowing countenance, pissed drunk, defying gravity lying spread-eagled on thorny roadside bushes after rigorous whole-day religious activism at Tirpai Gumbba. Now, the bushes are gone, replaced by concrete houses and alcohol banned.

So, time, desires, and mind need synchronization. Leave it to your God whomsoever it may be, it’s their job. Sangey La, Guru Rinpoche, Marpa, Jesus, Dalai Lama, etc, but make sure their images are firmly engraved in your memory. Whenever and wherever an event occurs and emotions are generated in your mind, stop and concentrate your awareness on the event, then remove the event and its associated emotions totally from your mind and offer it to your God. At night retiring to bed, recollect all the events of the day, sadness, anger, joy, satisfaction, etc, and offer it to your god and fall asleep with a clean mind. You are not offering chimi, incense, water, flower, khapse, yak, goat, chicken, etc. You are offering your most valuable possession, your life to your God, and let’s see how he does not bestow his grace on you.

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Laden Tshering Samdup is a retired businessman living in Kalimpong. He has MA (Econ) from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Rajasthan, and currently is a consultant and practitioner of Tibetan sorcery.

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