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Laden Tshering Samdup

Laden Tshering Samdup

By Laden Tshering Samdup

KALIMPONG, India, 22 June 2021

Chinese are good cooks. They are able to cook tastily, and do eat everything and anything on this earth. There are also Chinese who are masters at giving a story a twist. They can tell a lie most dramatically, and I love watching them slice the air with their left hand, palm upturned in a complex gesture of “your turn to ask question”. The lady speaks with pursed lips, possibly to prevent herself from blurting out the truth.

These pride of China recently met and bat soup, Wuhan’s gastronomic delight, was given a gory twist, the bat and its soup was widely publicized as the progenitor of the Corona virus. Of course, as usual, nobody believed them, and all eyes were on the staid building in Wuhan which bore the name “Wuhan Institute of Virology”, and which had been placed under the command of the People’s Liberation Army only a few months before the Covid-19 epidemic broke out in Wuhan.

We were witness to the horrible scenes in Wuhan of people running, dropping dead on the streets, blood oozing from their mouth, hospitals and crematoriums clogged by corpses. We were introduced for the first time to the terminology “lockdown”. WHO, the UN organization entrusted with responsibility to protect mankind from such epidemics, twiddled their fingers for over a month before declaring Covid-19 as pandemic, putting in place international travel restrictions. But that was shutting the barn door after the horses had fled. Scenes of Wuhan were seen replicated all over the globe, and rich and developed nations with the best medical facilities buckled.

Now the world is reeling under the second wave of the Corona pandemic. News is also emerging of the how and why of this pandemic. A noble laureate claims that the Corona virus strain is a combination of AIDS and malaria genomes, and that such synthesis is impossible in nature and Corona virus is manmade. Another claims that the virus is not naturally born because if it was, then it would be found only in areas having natural conditions similar to Wuhan, but it is found to exist and thrive in all types of natural conditions across the globe. Stories are also heard of the pocketing of a sample of this virus by a Chinese scientist from a laboratory in Canada. These are therefore irrefutable evidences to prove that the virus was made in China.

Before the pandemic, China had already become the economic superpower of the world. Xi Jinping had become President for life of CCP, and was striving to create a larger than life image of himself by promising to lift the economic prosperity not only of China but of the entire world by his grand design of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). However, bad luck for him, by now the world was already well-acquainted with Chinese chicanery, and though the signature project of Xi started off with a bang, very soon it began to lose momentum and was on the verge of ending with a whimper.

Closer scrutiny revealed that the blueprint of BRI looked more like a plan of military domination of the world by China rather than economic cooperation, and that too to be funded by the member nations. The one-nation theory, often employed by China as the raison d’ĂȘtre to wage war or capture territories of other nations, was being increasingly challenged by other superpowers. Taiwan was gaining allies, and Hong Kong, the hub of China’s trade and commerce, was trying to wrest freedom. The South China Sea with its treasure of natural resources was slipping out of China’s hand.

Behind all this cutting down to size was US President Donald John Trump, highly allergic to China’s double-speak and preferring to reply with actions rather than words. His toughness earned him China’s fear and respect.

With the situation out of control, and without having sufficient military might to take on the West, China decided to adopt a novel approach, and Covid-19 was the weapon of their choice. Wuhan was possibly the laboratory setting for the study in real time of the efficacy of this weapon by the PLA, because the scourge was successfully contained in Wuhan and other parts of China remained relatively unscathed.

The rest of the world was however unprepared for this pandemonium, and it took a toll heavier than an armed conflict. People died gruesome deaths, and many faced death due starvation. Panic took precedence over prudence. Some with the streak of genocide, like the German Chancellor Angela Merkel who had failed to hear the cries of “Schindler’s List” in Tibet for the last 60 years, found in the pandemic an opportunity to make money, and refused waiver over Corona vaccine patent.

Never mind the fact that the pandemic is a cesspool of human death, suffering, and pain. Bio research, vaccine, oxygen, ventilator, hospitals, personal protection equipment, quick-fix medicines all piled up into a multi-billion industry. Cash bells rang and stock prices soared. It’s carnival time, and I bet they eagerly await the third wave of Corona.

What do we poor mortals do in the midst of this frightening situation? We are told to maintain social distance, but man is a social animal, and when politics is in the air, they become unstoppable Gesars. India had to pay a heavy price for the jamboree of elections. Seen others also emulate, but no Corona infections results are available, only election results. But all is well that ends well, especially when it’s back to square one.

The situation, alas, is not as frightening as made out to be. The Corona just like the Chinese dragon is made of paper if you listen to the old-world, simple-living, high-thinking honourable Indian doctor babus like Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Dr K K Agarwal, and Dr Ashok Jainer. They are truly Sangey Menla reincarnate. Corona can be beaten by steroid tablets, vitamins etc mix costing not more than Rs 500. But timing is important. Once symptoms arise medication needs to be commenced, otherwise irreversible body damage is done within 24-48 hrs. This precious time is lost normally for PCR. By the time the report arrives, you are fit candidate for the oxygen, ventilator, ICU route.

I am not a licensed medical practitioner, just a simple apprentice Tibetan Sorcerer and don’t try to hang me high with a multi-million dollar legal case, especially by those in the US. Well, do try to look up the YouTube of the above great souls, it may mean the difference between living and dead and gone for you.

About the author

Laden Tshering Samdup is a retired businessman living in Kalimpong. He has MA (Econ) from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Rajasthan, and currently is a consultant and practitioner of Tibetan sorcery.

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