COVID 19 and now second wave — Is it god made or man made?

NS Venkataraman

NS Venkataraman

By NS Venkataraman

CHENNAI, India, 13 May 2021

When the COVID-19 crisis happened in China in late 2019, China concealed it and did not forewarn the world immediately. It took more than two months to inform WHO about the spread of the virus in China. By imposing a very severe lockdown, China controlled the spread of the virus. However, the virus spread to other parts of the world rapidly, particularly to the USA and Europe.

Most people in the world suspected that the Coronovirus that causes COVID-19 came from in the laboratory in Wuhan in China, and there were wild reports that many scientists working in Wuhan lab died. There was another version that it came from the wet market in China. However, till today, China has not given any explanation as to how the virus happened in Wuhan. On the other hand, it continued to deny that the virus originated in Wuhan, and went to the ridiculous extent of stating that it originated in some other part of the world, even including India as a possible place of origin!

In any case, China controlled the spread of the virus in Wuhan, by introducing draconian measures and in addition adopting any other strategy. Many people who suspect that the COVID virus originated in Wuhan, term it the “Wuhan virus” and the term has now come to stay. Many people believe that China quickly controlled the spread of the virus “as China which developed the virus has also developed an antidote for it.”

When China almost recovered from the COVID-19 crisis, the US and Europe were
the worst hit. Former US President Trump clearly accused China of deliberately spreading the virus to Europe and the US and to other parts of the world. He also severely criticized WHO, which is supposed to monitor the world health scenario, of deliberately not blaming China and he accused the WHO Chief of partisan behavior.

The ground reality is that China for quite a long time refused permission to WHO or any other agency to investigate how the virus happened in China and finally, when it permitted WHO to visit China, no worthwhile conclusions were arrived at by WHO. Some scientists who were part of the WHO investigation team said that they were not given freedom by Chinese government to carry out the investigation in the way they wanted.

Meanwhile, there have been a lot of reports floating in the media that the COVID-19 virus was deliberately planned by a few pharmaceutical companies, and that they prepared themselves to meet the possible demand that would arise for various equipment and needs due to the “impending COVID-19 crisis” to make huge profits.

As of now, everything is speculation and rumour, and nobody seems to be clearly knowing the ground realities.

Even as the vaccines have been developed to treat the COVID-19 patients, the second wave has now started. The peculiarity of the second wave is that China has not been affected and most part of the world have not been severely affected, but the most hit nation has been India. While China and several European countries and the USA have lifted the restrictions imposed to combat the COVID-19 crisis to some extent, India has been overwhelmed by the second wave crisis.

What is more surprising is that while India has been very severely hit due to the second wave, India’s neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal have not been hit to the same extent, and if at all, they have been hit to a much lesser extent so far. In such circumstances, concern has been expressed as to whether the the second wave of the virus has been deliberately imposed on India by some external agencies.

Unfortunately, the second wave is being termed the “India variant” by some irresponsible media personnel around the world, as if India has developed it. India is a very transparent country unlike China, and nothing is concealed in India. However, it is gratifying that WHO has said that it has not associated the term India Variant with B.1.617, which is now classified by WHO as Variant of Concern.

All said and done, it is necessary that world media should stop using the term “India variant”, as use of such term is not only uncharitable but extremely irresponsible.

What causes extreme concern is that while the Narendra Modi government in India is battling hard to overcome the second wave crisis, sections of political parties and pledged critics in the media and elsewhere have been accusing the Modi government of not anticipating the second wave and not taking precautionary measures, as if anyone can anticipate the second wave in advance. While the critics have their own motives, the disturbing fact is that such accusations and criticism coming from within India are weakening India’s battle against the second wave.

What is gratifying in this grim scenario is that governments of several countries are not criticizing India but are doing their level best to support India in this hour of grim crisis.

It is surprising that the Modi-baiters in India do not exhibit the same responsible attitude that several countries in the world are exhibiting towards India.

At this stage, one is not sure as to when the second wave crisis would end in India and whether it would be followed by a third wave, as speculated by some forecasters.

If the second wave in India is due to what some people call a “biological war” against India by some external agency, then the world should investigate the condition with extreme care and caution and ensure that such biological war would never happen in the world in future. The truth behind COVID-19 and the second wave should be thoroughly investigated, so that the world would know whether it is God-made or man-made.

Who would do this investigation? Certainly, UN cannot do it, as it has reduced itself to a discussion forum and a debating club. WHO, part of UN, also cannot do it as it’s credibility has been damaged severely, and it seems to be functioning now more as an analytical laboratory.

It is necessary that India take the initiative to organize a world team to investigate about the origin of COVID-19 and the second wave. One can be sure that researchers around the world will be willing to help the investigation team, so that the real truth will be revealed and the doubts would be put to rest and any guilty agencies would remain condemned in the opinion of the world.

About the author

NS Venkataraman is a chemical engineer as well as social activist in Chennai, India. He is the founder trustee of Nandini Voice for the Deprived, a Chennai-based not-for-profit organisation serving the cause of the deprived and down-trodden, and working for probity in public life.

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