Global Times, the Newspeak of the CCP trolls, on Tibetan election

Ugyen Gyalpo

Ugyen Gyalpo

By Ugyen Gyalpo

WOODSIDE, New York , 10 January 2021

The Global Times, the CCP state-run newspaper, well-known for their disinformation campaigns, party propaganda, and nationalist slant, seems to be irked by our recent Sikyong’s election. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure that China pays a lot of attention to our de facto government-in-exile that carries the hope and aspirations of all the Tibetans both inside and outside of Tibet. In a criticism-filled article titled “Tibetan ‘government-in-exile’ elects ‘leader’ under rising uncertainty, won’t affect China’s policy in region”, the mouthpiece of CCP belittles our democratically-elected Sikyong and ridicules him as a “general manager” of an organization and a political leader of the Tibetan people.

“’Sikyong is similar to a general manager of the exiled organization. It deals with Western governments, asks for money and does some administration work,’ Xiao Jie, a deputy director at the Institute for Contemporary Tibetan Studies under the China Tibetology Research Center, told the Global Times on Monday.”

In classic Newspeak fashion, filled with distorted misinformation and guileful manipulative words, the Global Times goes on to delegitimize our democracy, a direct symbolic presence of the Tibetan government that is still alive, by decrying the Tibetan election of Sikyong, a political post that His Holiness held as our spiritual and temporal leader, now long devolved, as misguiding, and goes on to say that His Holiness and his close group would never hand out his political power, downplaying the efficacy of the Democratic setup of our government in exile. “The election of Sikyong started in 2011, when the Dalai Lama announced he would ‘retire’. But the fact is that he is still the supreme leader of the ‘Tibetans-in-exile,’ and he and his close group will not hand the power out.”

Capitalizing on the status quo of the CTA that dragged on for years without being bias, vis a vis the LS-PT saga and the steeped division amongst the Tibetans on regional grounds, amplified months before heading to the polls, the Global Times sarcastically feeds on our self-inflicted wounds by reporting that “The Dalai Lama’s group and the ‘exiled government’ is a mess and not united. These Tibetans are split based on different origins, sects and opinions toward the ‘exiled government’.”

They also dwelled on the frailty of His Holiness, and were quick to concoct a doomsday scenario for the Tibetans once His Holiness becomes vulnerable to the forces of impermanence. “The Dalai Lama has been in position for almost 80 years. His death will be beyond their imagination, which will likely trigger a huge mess inside the organization. The young generations in the group could hardly handle it as they are getting worse.”

No doubt, the unimaginable day that is even hard to comprehend, much less imagine, will be a huge seismic shock to all the Tibetans who breathe in this earth. They will be left with a gaping hole in their hearts. But let me remind the mouthpiece of the CCP at the same time that far from evaporating and disintegrating, the Tibetans all around the world, including the majority inside of Tibet, will become ever more resolute to carry on the task that was left incomplete, if that time would ever come or even if it would never come at all, if something happens in the next twenty years, when His Holiness would be still alive based on his many promises that he would live up to at least 113 to see closure for the Tibetan cause.

As for all Tibetans regardless, after the fourteenth Dalai Lama, the wait for the fifteenth would but become a natural continuation, and the indomitable faith in His Holiness will only increase despite China’s rampant campaign to brainwash Tibetans in disavowing His Holiness. CCP can force and even incentivize Tibetans inside of Tibet to put the picture of Xi on their altars. But what remains inside the altars of their hearts and minds is irreplaceable.

The Chinese Communist Party is an atheist party that believes religion to be poison. A Party that has destroyed almost ninety-five percent of Tibetan monasteries and suppressed the religious freedom of the Tibetans and the Uighur Muslims in the last decade. In response to the US signing of the Tibetan Policy and Support Act, that touched on the succession of the Dalai Lama, the Global Times ranted that the “Reincarnation of living Buddhas including the Dalai Lama must comply with China’s laws and regulations and follow religious rituals and historical conventions.”

Let me remind the satanic goons of the CCP that the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama dates back over seven centuries and the institution of the Dalai Lama is solely a Tibetan affair. The so-called “China’s laws and regulation” enshrined on the constitutional framework of the Chinese Communist Party is only 71 years old. So what religious rituals are this demonic possessed atheist talking about.

At last, the Global Times, the Newspeak of the Chinese Communist Party, seems to overtly exaggerate the damages of the CCP virus upon the administration of the CTA. Yes, the CTA was locked down and working just as efficiently remotely during the pandemic-crippled world. But this Newspeak has this to say, “Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has also impacted the administration of the ‘government-in-exile’. The pandemic has further divided overseas Tibetans, during which the authority of the ‘exiled government’ is challenged.”

One thing for sure is that the CCP has invested almost half a billion dollars a year to spread disinformation, distortion, and manipulation of truth. The Chinese Communist Party pays to run huge media sites like Global Times and mobilizes cyber troll armies and maintains cyber troll farms to engage in blatant disinformation campaigns and sow division and disharmony at the cost of derailing the peace and stir question marks on the efficacy of our democracy and unity.

When Mao Zedong asked about the situation in Tibet and found out that HHDL had escaped, he said, “Now we are defeated. In that case we have lost the battle.” He was right! The Chinese have lost the battle to erase us. The indomitable spirit of the Tibetan people therefore will always stay unbreakable and like a fire will always burn below their feet.

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Ugyen Gyalpo is a self-employed independent insurance broker and a blogger in New York City.

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