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Ugyen Gyalpo

Ugyen Gyalpo

By Ugyen Gyalpo

QUEENS, NY, US, 29 October 2020

Every time I am on the part of Facebook that revolves around the Tibetan world, with the majority of my friends being Tibetan, I am at times fooled subconsciously and led into believing and thinking that Tibetans will get to decide who’ll win or lose the US presidential elections. I know it sounds funny, but that is the impression I am sucked into hilariously.

There is always someone supporting Trump, and there is always someone supporting and touting Biden. Even among Tibetans, stigmatization of Trump’s supporters is as rampant as people infected with Coronavirus are in India. Although we Tibetans are a drop in the ocean of all who make up the US population, our political attitudes are swift, robust, and tsunamic. Kudos to that!

Having said that, bottom line come November 3rd, regardless of whoever wins the US presidential elections, China will have already won. But one thing I want to tell you — before the dust settles and the overt exuberance of the US elections fades into our personal perennial historical misery routinely climaxed on each March 10th anniversary — is that ever since I was young enough to start following the politics of the world, growing up in the speck of the globe in the hills of Darjeeling and following the news of the world, particularly of the US and China, through the screens of the small black-and-white television set from the other side of the planet — which is as I write enveloped in total darkness. I have seen China grow miraculously over the decades, but I have never seen China grow this powerful to even subvert and influence the conscience of people far away, even in the vicinity of the free world.

They have already repeatedly raped my land and my people, but with the dose of sedation they have injected into our people, at times it feels like they are cutting us up like a butcher would at a slaughterhouse and we are not even even feeling the pain — unless of course when we are awakened as angry ghosts. Also in the same breath, after China’s astronomical growth and unchallenged political and economic clout, I have never seen China in decades being tested like it is today by the United States. I have never seen China as unruly as well.

God knows what will be the outcome of the November 3rd elections, which I can fairly predict, but more then the people in the United States, the lives of people suffering under the atrocities of communism, the manifestation of which is exemplified in horrific proportions by the Chinese Communist Party and the lives of millions of people, many languishing in the gulags, the fates of other millions under the likes of Chinese Communist Party and its totalitarian rule in other parts of the world is on the line.

Ask the Venezuelans and the Cubans, ask the Vietnamese and the Koreans, ask the Uighur and the Eastern Europeans who suffered the brutality of Communism in the past and those who fled Communist atrocities and sought asylum here in the United States like we did, as to who would they support in this election and you will get a clear picture of where the disconnect lies with the Tibetan mindset.

You don’t even have to go too far. Just ask any Cubans or Venezuelans in your hood. Ask your Vietnamese and Eastern European neighbors who survived the wrath of communism, and their reaction to this US election will be stark as to who they are rooting for as opposed to how Tibetans view things.

Let me remind you again that the greatest concern for Tibetans should not always be as to why Tibet is not being mentioned in the context of China/US escalating tension, even though it is mentioned time and again by this administration. Let me also remind you that the greatest concern for Tibetans all the time, and the barometer to measure in the context of China/US escalating tension, should not be that Trump did not meet with His Holiness.

But the greatest concern should be the ultimate victory for Tibetans and all the others suffering under the CCP borne out of the combined brunt of the longest trade war and the world being turned upside down seeking accountability from China for the mishandling of the Coronavirus in the form of isolating and decoupling with China and putting China at the anvil of judgment. The ultimate victory should be the growing US/China tension that is slowly weakening and ushering in the slow deterioration of China’s economic and political clout. We must identify, acknowledge, and seize this polarizing change and curate it into our flirtatious perspective first before we get all emotional and sentimental, bred out of our spiritual concoction and intoxicated into our new-found world of progressive and liberal movement that is the corner stone of Americanism.

Let’s not forget that before we are Americans, we are always Tibetans first; the scars of Chinese oppression are still written all over our bullet-ridden faces, hidden under the makeup of normalcy. Listen to yourself and your conscience before you listen to anyone else, because their values and interests with this election might be totally different from ours. The Americans are looking forward to a new president like they have been doing for almost two centuries, but we are always looking desperately for someone to step up and rein in the unruly Chinese Communist Party and bolster our hopes. Aren’t we? I certainly am! And when we have found one our stars are somehow not aligned.

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Ugyen Gyalpo is a self-employed independent insurance broker and a blogger in New York City.

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