Brouhaha over the interview in Beijing

Laden Tshering Samdup

Laden Tshering Samdup

By Laden Tshering Samdup

KALIMPONG, India, 10 October 2020

“Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly” would be the appropriate refrain for the way China invites and treats its foreign dignitary guests. They are feted, dined and wined, and when the mood is sufficiently upbeat, the CCP media pops up to ask a few awkward questions and next morning the poor blighter reads the headlines and can’t believe his own eyes. He is supposed to have showered praises on the Chinese nation and spoken strongly in favor of China in controversies involving China with other nations. Many dignitaries have faced such ignominy, and the latest was Nepal’s ambassador to China.

Mankind is living under the tyranny of the Corona virus and its creator and propagator, China, is facing severe castigation and lives under the dread of war of retribution from the world community. China desperately seeks a modicum of credibility, but has no friend to trumpet its virtues and whatnot. To save their national prestige and policies they could find only the unobtrusive ambassador of Nepal, and since “something is better than nothing” the Chinese propaganda machinery worked on him full time. His portfolio gave the interview some amount of integrity, but the rest is bunkum, people involved and its contents and tells the story of how Nepal is allowing itself to be duped time and again by the foxy Chinese, at times causing serious damage to its own national interest.

Though he holds the post of Ambassador, he is not a career diplomat, and ignorant of the intricacies of international diplomacy. He is a party functionary and his seniority enabled him to grab the Ambassadorial post. He had earlier held the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs and now demoting himself to Ambassador does not appear to have jarred his self respect. Most likely his brazenness was for the audience back home with the intention to strengthen his position in domestic politics.

India’s media hype on Special Frontier Forces (SFF) and the Tibetan warriors with their resounding victory over PLA was a media surgical strike on China, and it left them speechless. They did not deign to utter any words on the subject. So the interview with the ambassador of Nepal was used to address this humiliation and the ambassador was made to reiterate that Tibet is part of China. If the ambassador has truly made such a statement, then he has unwittingly made his own country Nepal a part of Tibet/China. He appears to be the only diplomat unaware of Mao’s “Tibet and five finger policy”, which present-day China is actively pursuing and in which Nepal is one of the fingers of the palm Tibet.

“One China policy” is supposed to mean non-interference in the internal affairs of China, but in reality it is often employed by China to subdue any outside protests on the draconian rule imposed by them especially on occupied territories. If the ambassador has stated that his country respects this “One China policy” then he has severely blighted the great history of his own country and its heritage. How he could not be aware of the Lichhavi Princess Bhrikuti Devi of Kathmandu, Nepal, and the Lamaism she established in Tibet. How the CCP has vandalised and destroyed the monuments she erected, raped, tortured, murdered her devotees. Honouring the so-called “One China policy” is an outright approval of the CCP wanton destruction of Nepal’s heritage in Tibet.

The Ambassador of Nepal sitting in Beijing chastises India for encroachment of Kalapani region, while his own government in Kathmandu is hectically taking damage control measures to mend relations with India, the Prime Minister of Nepal having issued a fiat to not to show Kalapani region as Nepal’s, even in school text books. The Kalapani fracas is another example of how Nepali comrades are duped by Chinese comrades. China needed justification to hit India at Ladakh, Sikkim and Arunachal and to bulwark its allegations of India’s expansionist designs and illegal occupation, Nepal and Pakistan was forced to raise border issues along with China. Such a move appealed to the PM of Nepal since India bashing was a sure shot way to set the country on nationalistic fire and he could once again play his favorite role of an impassioned patriot, win over the confidence of the people and regain his sagging political fortune. As expected the country went berserk and even the Constitution was amended to incorporate these regions in Nepal’s official map. Then someone realized Nepal did not have any evidences to prove ownership and so a high level committee was hastily formed headed by one of the numerous vice presidents.

To the dismay and chagrin of the nationalists, no amount of tweeting, facebooking, youtubing etc could elicit any response from Government of India. They maintained stony silence but sent more paramilitary forces to the kalapani region. Then, as usual the media war began in right earnest and India’s fire brand nationalist Arbind da lead India’s charge of Lights and Sound brigade. Surprisingly and more surprising for her perhaps, an innocuous tweet dragged a “yester-year’s love story” fame Nepali Bollywood girl to the centre stage of this vicious war of words. Though her film was a box office flop, her tweet became a hit when the Indian media retorted “India ka khate ho, Nepal ka gana gate ho.” Hearing this, the Nepali nationalists rallied around her and she hijacked the nationalistic accolades that KP Oli and his Communist croonies were expecting.

While all this hullabaloo was going on, hordes of Nepalis affected by the pandemic situation in India were returning home. Then the unthinkable happened — the Government of Nepal stopped them at the border and denied them entry. Many swam across the mighty Mahakali river but were promptly arrested. Better sense prevailed and all were herded into makeshift quarantine centres and allowed to go home after mandatory period. Mismanagment was rife in these centres and even non-infected persons could contract Corona. They became carriers of the virus and in no time the virus spread all over Nepal. The country that boasted of being Corona-free was now counting Corona deaths. This situation could have been avoided if the Government of Nepal had not been at the beck and call of China and virulently anti-India to support China’s attempt at wresting Indian territory. The need of the hour was to protect its people’s lives from the Corona virus, and for which the Government of Nepal should have sought the assistance of India to control at the border and manage the influx and screen for Corona infected and give them medical treatment. Instead it preferred to be party to the shenanigans of China and today Nepali citizens are paying a heavy price, some with their own lives, for the “Nepal Chini bhai bhai” stuff.

In Ladakh the Tibetans have given the PLA a bloody nose, which have made the Chinese become practitioners of non-violence. They are now restricting themselves to media war only. KP Oli’s bid to return to public favour was ruined by the Bollywood girl and he is left holding the maimed Constitution. Kalapani stands as a monument to another great swindle of Nepal by China.

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Laden Tshering Samdup is a retired businessman living in Kalimpong. He has MA (Econ) from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Rajasthan, and currently is a consultant and practitioner of Tibetan sorcery.

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