Ngodup Dongchung for Sikyong 2021: A man of exceptionally high calibre

Golok Jigme Gyatso

Golok Jigme Gyatso

By Golok Jigme Gyatso

ZÜRICH, Switzerland, 26 August 2020

Kasur Dongchung Ngodup, representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Delhi, is a man of high calibre that we can’t miss electing him for 2021 Sikyong.

  1. He is unwavering and steadfast in his endeavour to follow the instructions and visions of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
  2. He is trusted by Tibetan political prisoners and by many who care about the Tibetan cause. I have been receiving messages from several respected former political prisoners from inside Tibet expressing their hope and support for Dongchung Ngodup and encouraging me to support him for 2021 Sikyong.
  3. Even the Chinese government has recognised him as a vital person and someone who is genuinely and thoroughly informed about situations inside Tibet and in exile.
  4. He has a good command of both Tibetan and English language and of Hindi as well. He has a wealth of experience, having served CTA for around 50 years in various capacities, reaching his career’s pinnacle so far in the post of Kalon.
  5. He recognises the strength of the Tibetan struggle and has both the knowledge and skill to protect it. He has the integrity and ability to lead us towards the great path of unity where all Tibetans, inside Tibet and in exile as well as the government and public, can stand united. Similarly, I have learnt from my personal meetings that he supports and has high regard towards the younger generation who genuinely pursue the Tibetan struggle. On the whole, at this critical juncture he is the most suitable person to lead us in the 2021 Sikyong election.
  6. As mentioned earlier, many people from inside Tibet trust him wholeheartedly and I am one among them. In fact, it was not just him, as there were many others in exile with whom we have high expectations. However, while following them closely after coming into exile I have a feeling that most of them are merely using the name of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for their own personal gain, with scant concern for our struggle and enhancement of the Tibetan cause.
  7. Unlike those people, Kasur Dongchung Ngodup is unwavering and has remained steadfast throughout his life. He has upheld the Tibetan cause at all times, abandoning his self-interest. He is honest, dedicated, capable, and highly experienced.

Being a man of strong determination, he is someone who can take firm action during critical times at any given situation. Therefore, we can’t afford to lose a man of his calibre from being elected to 2021 Sikyong. I appeal to my fellow Tibetans to choose the right person by giving the highest consideration to our common cause and the critical situation that we are facing right now.

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Golok Jigme Gyatso, former political prisoner and a human rights activist, is from Zürich, Switzerland.

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