The King Kongs of democracy

Laden Tshering Samdup

Laden Tshering Samdup

By Laden Tshering Samdup

KATHMANDU, Nepal, 9 September 2019

Carrie Lam, the chief executive of Hong Kong, is today the most hated politician in the democratic world — usurping the place of our one and only Trump. Her country has been in turmoil for the past so many months, and given the choice, she probably would have resigned the day the protest started and Joshua Wong Chi-fung popped his head up — but probably she had no choice. She always appears in a press conference with puffed eyes, and answers questions apologetically, and she is openly kow-towing to the despicable commie demons. The question is: Why? Dig deep into her mind and you will find her conscience more in turmoil than her country. It’s the womanly instinct of protecting her children that is devouring her. For she is the only one standing between the Communist Party of China’s brutalities and the diehard teen protesters, the gentle giant King Kongs of Hong Kong. She is willing to give up everything in her personal life to ensure that her Hong Kong children do not have to face the People’s Liberation Army — Tiananmen relived. This is the predicament of mother Carrie Lam.

The Communist Party of China still believes that fear is the key, the only means to subjugate humans. The Hong Kong protest was another devil-gifted opportunity to overwhelm and cower the world with scenes of cruelty and bloodshed. They had begun to initiate this process with their age-old practice of bluffs to justify their moves. They termed the bespectacled, umbrella-carrying teens, “rioters and terrorists”, and to believe this official statement of communist party of China, you need to be really high on a trip. But they persisted and flooded the Internet with keyboard warriors to prove their contention. The crescendo and expletives of the propaganda however, did not reach the pitch that Our Holiness normally elicits from them.

Their next move was “rotation of troops”. I don’t know what the heck this means, and the only Chinese I know who can really rotate is Jackie Chan. Next came horrific visuals of kids with necks tied, being dragged across the streets face down with riot boots on their back, small girls cowering and screaming. Of course HK Police would not stoop to such barbarity. It was obvious some of the “rotating” Chinese troops were dressed as HK police, sent as feelers. Fortunately they vanished as quickly as they came, because the US warships in the South China Sea may have inched closer to mainland China.

“One country two systems” is the grand design for Hong Kong’s future. Such grand thoughts, but no laws against physical abuse of juveniles. If there is one then the entire HK police force should be behind bars, sixth demand.

The 1997 British handover of Hong Kong to China to show their uprightness in international affairs is the creator of all this mayhem today in HK. Why so much pomp and pageantry, when it was a funeral ceremony for the British way of life, and for freedom and democracy for 7 million people who for a hundred years were forced to be British subjects and toil for the prosperity of Britain. Many jumped the sinking ship and deserted Hong Kong, but most stayed put, determined to write their future in their homeland.

In the case of Tibet, there was no such ceremony. Tibetans were simply bludgeoned into submission by China, the sanction for all these atrocities being a piece of paper initiated and signed by the Brits somewhere in a place called Simla, carving Tibet into Chinese and non-Chinese provinces. Conveniently refusing to see the fact that Tibet is an independent nation with its own currency, system of governance, army, and so on, Britain/China/India did not have the right to touch Tibet’s sovereignty. However the damage has been done. Inside Tibet, genocide is complete, and outside Tibet a lone Tibetan carrying a black umbrella with “we support Hong Kong” written, aptly depicts the status of opposition to this historical blunder.

Before joining the WTO, China was a country ravaged by war and famine. After joining the international community for trade and commerce, the wily Chinese used the ‘by hook or crook’ means to jump-start their economy. The China of today was built by the wealth and money of the free world, and China continues to rely on the democratic nations to maintain their economy. So everything in China being financed by the rest of the world, their claim to their “internal affairs” is bereft of any rationality. They have to adopt or at least respect the values of the democratic world.

Such being the case, why do Human Rights gladiators, the UN, and other countries — especially the US — submit meekly to this “internal affairs” justification by China for committing atrocities on the non-Chinese populations of occupied territories like Tibet? We have the Hague to punish such barbarians, and it’s about time some of them are pulled there.

We also worry about the King Kongs of Hong Kong, but let us not be pessimistic and think the sky will fall on them. It’s quite possible that they are digging the road to democracy for the rest of China. Freedom is not a constitutional right — it’s a birthright, that nobody can give or take away.

About the author

Laden Tshering Samdup is a retired businessman living in Kathmandu. He has MA (Hons) in economics from Birla Institute of Technology and Science from Pilani, Rajasthan, India. He can be reached c/o Boudha Peace School, Phulbari, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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