We will never change our native spiritual ways

Ugyen Gyalpo

Ugyen Gyalpo

By Ugyen Gyalpo

WOODSIDE, NY, US, 18 February 2019

They came, they saw and they conquered
As fools, we welcomed, we watched and we yielded
Now our imprisoned people are made to till prison lands, yoked to a bow like animals
Emaciated to their skeletal bones, they scavenged on rats, roaches, and prison factory strewn leathers as we were told

Our people have turned destitute and beggars in their own backyards
They now spread their hands for alms around Baghkor in front of the parasitic Chinese who robbed our land
Our women are made to spread their legs for Chinese yuan and are circumstantially forced to work in brothels
While our men are inundated in cheap Chinese liquor and lie intoxicated on the street corners

They have ruled through fear and oppression, through systematic destruction
But like the way they first came and saw, they could never conquer the unbreakable Tibetan spirit
Sixty years on occupation and forced indoctrination of our youths
Sinicization of our cultural Heritage and forced assimilation
Tibetans in Tibet are still pure and unaffected as an aged sixty-year-old single malt, pure, strong, and undiluted since 1959

Now they have changed their strategy as of late
Buddhism that is the backbone of the Tibetan spirit they have identified to relegate

Monasteries could be destroyed, Golden statues melted and ancient holy scrolls and scriptures burned and sold at black markets
Larung Gar and other religious institutions could be razed to the ground
But the sacred monastery that resides in the moat of our people’s mind is indestructible and impenetrable

Say no to Buddha and the Dalai Lama in exchange for more government subsidized benefits is the latest deceptive tool of Xi’s goons to sway
Pictures of bloody Mao and Xi, the stains on morality and mankind, are forced into our altars and places of worships in lieu of the enlightened beings we worshipped for ages

They can starve us to our skeletal frames, they can brainwash and bleach us Red
But the iron spirit of the Milarepa that lives within us,
The fortitude and courage of the Songsten Gampo that breathes within us
Will never yield… will never yield.

As compassionate fools we yielded when they first came and saw and conquered
And as enlightened fools yet again but at their unruly expense,
Despite their every twisted efforts,
We will never change our native spiritual ways… our native spiritual ways.

About the author

Ugyen Gyalpo lives in Woodside, New York, and works as an insurance agent for United Health Group, New York.

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