India’s enemy, Tibet’s nemesis

Ugyen Gyalpo

Ugyen Gyalpo

By Ugyen Gyalpo

NEW YORK, US, 25 July 2017

The recent aggressiveness by the Chinese on the borders of Bhutan, and skirmishes in the parts of Ladakh, has led the Indian summer heat to simmer to a boiling point. This was no surprise to many political pundits and to be honest, I wasn’t surprised either. This was a conspiracy long time in the making, since the follies of the Indian politicians in the early fifties. To not intervene in the Chinese occupations of Tibet that destroyed a natural peaceful buffer zone is not a claim that needed to be reminded. The recent deployment of massive Chinese armies in the plateau of Tibet and their proxy military drill on the grasslands and pristine mountains of Tibet with rolling tanks and explosions is an alarming sight, reminiscent of Hitler’s madness and ambition to conquer Europe and more personally here the past occupation of Tibet itself.

I have noticed China has turned into an octopus, with its tentacles spread all around from southeast Asia to as far as Africa and Latin America. Their far-reaching economic influence has cemented their place, if not permanently in the world, as a force to be reckoned with. An understatement that requires only to scour your house to find how many things and objects that lies around are made in China, to solidify this truth.

With the building of the railways in Tibet, the design to someday invade India, Bhutan, and Nepal was already long in the making. I am sure pundits in Nepal and Bhutan must be scratching their heads in the middle of the night, not in disbelief but with utter rejection of this impending likelihood. Gone are the days when membership in the UN would guarantee security and freedom from foreign aggression. UN itself has a become a corporate behemoth, where the cries of the less fortunate countries like Tibet, raped under their nose, are sidelined as insignificant and only Nations that are bearers of oil and profit-driven, are where the UN hands of justice will move to.

When the Gods of war come for a reckoning, the deities should be invoked just as well for a favourable outcome. Every fight mustered with a coalition front has almost always won. Tibetan refugees especially in India with over five decades of, I would describe, impassioned experience in emboldened protest, are seasoned enough, if I may use the word, to lead this conflict at least in organizing protest, just as we normally would do against anything China.

Our own host country, who has given the ultimate refuge, in the face of their own people being drowned in poverty, is under imminent attack, an attack neither by Russians nor Pakistanis, but by our own nemesis, in China. We should at all cost get engaged, and offer the upmost morale boost for the Indians, by forming coalitions for protest, and do everything to destroy China’s much-leveraged soft powers. And have them force to lead not the Paris Climate accord but Human Rights record in Tibet and elsewhere. That’s the most we can do in reality, and leave the rest to India to defend itself and defend it will!

India today is not the India that faced a major war with China in 1962. And the same can be said about China. But India’s confidence in its military might, air power, and advancement in nuclear warheads, is sure to put China on the defensive, even though, against a culturally pacified India, China’s seemingly bullying act, charade like an imperialist is far from the realization. Modi’s invincible courage and his doctored approach in dealing with hard-to-digest China’s dose of overconfidence will be something to look out for. He knows just too well the actual might of that fluttering paper tiger.

I don’t really expect His Holiness the Dalai Lama to lead this initiative of a coalition front, since he has brokered many peace at the face of war, with his lifelong message of universal peace and harmony. His Holiness, a Nobel laureate for peace, even though his land and its people being decimated and displaced by Mao has ironically still a soft spot for him too, for a man, who not only colonized Tibet but destroyed our way of life and have his Holiness flee for his life to India. A spiritual holy man, a godly figure, who would not wish war upon anyone least fanned their patriotic emotions, is also totally devolved from the Tibetan political sphere.

So what we have left is the CTA, led by an elected President (Sikyong), who is neither a monk nor has done anything significant to impress and move the needle, rather than bask in the glory of His Holiness’ efforts and reap the fruit of his labour. So here I am ushering in, like a rooster would to a new day, as to what better chance can our president get than this, when the world will be soon warranted of an impending clash of the two Asian titans, one that embodies morality and the other, deception, betrayal, greed, and destruction.

I think it will be extremely important for our President to proactively engage with the Indians, but at the same time, I am also aware as to how far he can go about leading the anti-China front, since the CTA policies, framed way before he was elected, will work against him to limit his condemnation of the Chinese openly. A shame indeed!

Now, one thing that needs to be cognizant in the mindset of the Tibetan administration, is that compromising on supporting the Indians on the fear of juxtaposing their appeasement policy towards China, with their three-decades-old failed policy of Umay lam, will be a total miscalculation and a long thorn of displeasure in the minds of our indebted host. As Tibetans aspiring for a political solution that can rekindle hopes of freedom for Tibet, we have always delved on hypothetical scenarios of ifs. When Tibet will get that glimmer of hope to break free, and our only hope of one day seeing Tibet free, caught under a upheaval from within China for that democratic craze seems now far farfetched and dreamlike. This moment here is a calling to support and stand up for our “Gurus”, as His Holiness always refers to India. We “Chelas” led by the CTA, should just as well seize this intense moment to hit the nails on China when it’s molten hot.

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Ugyen Gyalpo lives in Woodside, New York, and works as an insurance agent for United Health Group, New York.

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