Preposterous persuasion by our President for a meeting between Trump and the Great Dalai Lama

Ugyen Gyalpo

Ugyen Gyalpo

By Ugyen Gyalpo

NEW YORK, US, 14 June 2017

At a time not long ago, when wintry chill was swaddling over the autumn breeze and when the political temperature of the US election was at a melting point, where sceptics and critics, hell-bent on division, were scrambling over the ever-changing shift in the political spectrum, leading up to the expected-unexpected election of Trump, when Trump rhetoric on China, notwithstanding his racist, bigotry and xenophobic remarks, fanned a tinder of hope selfishly within the Tibetan hearts, who saw in Trump an unconventional toughness especially in dealing with China, our nemesis.

The flicker of which shone briefly, when he went overboard by unconventionally accepting a congratulatory call from the leader of Taiwan, intentionally poking fear at China of delegitimizing its long-held One China policy, leveraging hopes of Taiwan for their long-held and cherished aspiration for an independent state.

Trump accentuated bickering of China as a currency manipulator and threat of fixing the trade imbalance and levelling the economic playing field, briefly caused permafrost over the relationship between the two countries, much to the alleviated delight of the captive Tibetan audience, who could only wish collapse of China’s totalitarian regime, formed on the foundation of vaporized human remains and pillared on oppressed souls.

But things took a political nose dive, when campaign rhetoric vaporized at the Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida mansion, where the President hosted a fairy tale reception for the Chinese President and overnight, with few Sangria toasts and possible private venture deals, and with the icing on the cake of reciprocal access to their huge markets made in secrecy, they emerged as great friends, shattering hopes of any possible trade wars and hate rhetoric, that would have otherwise destabilized the region and within that wishful imaginative upheaval, a much-sought window of opportunity would have had emerged, sprouting a possible political revolution that would have brought much-dreamt seismic change for us.

But I was only daydreaming, being naive and shying away from reality. I thought to myself, what outcome was I really expecting out of this meeting of the two leaders of the greatest economy of the world, when Tibet’s status was already being compromised with the colonist at the dirt cheap ounce of autonomy and our dreams of an independent Tibet blown to atoms.

Looking back at the lead-up to Trump’s Presidential victory, I truly wondered of Trump, if besides knowing the Dalai Lama as a spiritual leader, could he have had any idea about Tibet and its place in world history. Not that he’s expected to know as an American president all the world and unworldly facts — or is it perhaps, with his “America first” slogan, he intentionally subdued Tibet’s existence into oblivion. Although even if he did, I wouldn’t be totally surprised.

Few weeks ago, I almost choked on my saliva, when I read an article on The Hill, a US political website, where CTA president Lobsang Sangay ignited a persuasion for Trump to meet the Dalai Lama. It came soon after Trump finished the first foreign trip of his presidency, where he ironically met with heads of three religious states. I was dumbfounded by LS’s innocence and his naive thinking.

By far the most rejected person in the world, loved only by a few of his coal miner and steel worker states and populists, any idea of ushering or persuading Trump to meet his Holiness is unwarranted and untimely … period!

Not to mention the compounded insult to injury, of the blatant disapproval of financial aid to the Tibetan people on his new budget proposal for 2018. Sometimes, I wonder though, if he understands anything beyond downsizing and ironing budgets before its implication and efficacy is empathized and felt, like his defunding of sanctuary states and his effort to privatize Medicaid and cut benefits for the special needs.

All the while, when China is solidifying its soft power and winning praise and replacing the US in leading the Paris Climate Accord. At a time when the world looks at this American UnAmerican leadership with distaste and contempt. At a time when Trump embraced and shook China’s bloodstained hands with gathered prayers of greed, after sweeping humanity and its moral conscience under the infamous political rug. At a time when world leaders from Macron to Merkel are stacking political vengeance by crowning China to lead the Paris Climate accord.

I strongly feel that any persuasion to beg Trump to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama is at this point unwarranted, childish, lame, and preposterous, and could unnecessarily invite mockery and game. And given Trump’s unpredictability, far from helping ease and charter Tibet issue to a solution, he might actually derail and kill it, assuming if some or any sort of diplomacy between CTA and China is underway in secrecy, like in the old days, when dialogue was spearheaded by a few trusted people. Other then this, a preposterous begged meeting with Trump is guaranteed to be unfruitful, since as an example, a taste of how much he cares for Tibet was shown, when he so easily jeopardized the project aimed for the incubation and preservation of the Tibetan culture and heritage that without an ounce of guilt, he deoxygenated American financial aid that sustained and helped fuel such a thriving hope for the endangered civilization that the Chinese are bent on annihilating.

I strongly feel that it’s wise on our part to be either “waiting without expecting” for an invitation, or else simply wait for that opportune time and place, where “morality in leadership “and “sanity in humanity” in American leadership shall meet.

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Ugyen Gyalpo lives in Woodside, New York, and works as an insurance agent for United Health Group, New York.

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