“Remember humanity and forget the rest!”

Tsering Choekyap

Tsering Choekyap

By Tsering Choekyap

MCLEOD GANJ, India, 31 May 2017

Miss Tenzin Khechoe la, with eight sister Miss Tibet 2017 contestants, visited upper Dharamshala TCV School today, 31 May 2017.

In a video clip of the event, she is surrounded by curious and cute, loving and impressionable young school children. They shower her with so much pure innocent genuine love, crowding around her for her autograph at the very first available opportunity — one that doesn’t come often. She is seen in that video connecting with the school children instantly!

I immediately remembered a saying by Sir Bertrand Russell, who wrote in his autobiography: “Remember humanity and forget the rest!”

This is precisely the commitment of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet, who calls upon us, seven billion human beings, to be aware of “Oneness of humanity and promotion of love and compassion and inner values, with a conviction that basic human nature is compassionate and every being wants happy life and nobody desires unhappy life.”

We are thrilled to see nine contestants in the official 15th edition of the Miss Tibet 2017 beauty pageant. This contest is an initiative of its Director Lobsang Wangyal la, who founded the Pageant in 2002. He is a man of principle, peace, dignity, and passion — a trustworthy person and an entertainment genius. He is imbued with a rare work culture chiselled with a never-give-up spirit of determination in doing the work that he loves and dreams for.

Lobsang is the sole resourceful organiser, with the cooperation and helping hands of a team of volunteers, in organising this most popular annual mega-event loved and watched by thousands of Miss Tibet supporters and well-wishers from all walks of life.

As I have called for time and again, proposing in articles and Facebook notes, Lobsang Wangyal deserves official recognition from NGOs and the government for his steadfast promotion of the Tibet cause in the international platform. He has done this through encouraging the active participation of Miss Tibet winners in international events, even despite obstacles put up by China and its cohorts. The staging of Miss Tibet in itself is a visible and tangible platform that has empowered Tibetan girls and women who have been dreaming to be ‘Miss Tibet’ since 2002.

Of course he, like any other mortal human being, is vulnerable to inadvertent unintentional mistakes and faults. That is a universal phenomenon — no mortal man or woman is perfect everywhere, howsoever powerful or rich they may be. I have knows him closely for a long time. In 2009 I watched how he organised the Miss Tibet event tirelessly for many days, and wrote my observations in an article that was published in the website TibetSun!

Hence, it is unfortunate to observe anybody making any mountain out of a tiny molehill, expecting perfection from him only, in this imperfect and troubled world. An individual man of authority erred in 2002 by denouncing him, but today after 14 editions the whole world is witness to the continued success of the Miss Tibet beauty pageant, which culminates this year, the 15th edition, with nine contestants. This year 2017 is a momentous historic year of public recognition by the Tibetan people in general and Tibetan girls and women in particular. Frankly speaking I was overwhelmed to learn from social media that there are nine contestants this year!

I have gained conviction in all my observations of Mr Wangyal, and in the stand that I have maintained that Tibet as a nation needs everything that advances positive human knowledge, open mind, fearless character, critical thinking, and creativity. I detailed this in a private email turned public article, published in the Miss Tibet 2011 magazine celebrating the Tenth edition of the Pageant.

As always I support Lobsang Wangyal whole-heartedly, and welcome all the nine beautiful and gorgeous young Tibetan girls, who are like fresh blossoming ‘Colourful Flowers’ in the beautiful ‘Garden of Miss Tibet’.

Best of luck to all the contestants for amazing success in the current Miss Tibet 2017 contest.

PS: I wrote this comment today somewhere on the Facebook page of Miss Tenzin Khechoe la, a Miss Tibet 2017 contestant. I share it here for the information of interested individuals and groups, with emphasis that the time is right to accord long-overdue official recognition to Lobsang Wangyal by one and all, as stated above.

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Tsering Choekyap is a former teacher, currently pursuing studies in Buddhist philosophy in McLeod Ganj, India.

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