Donald Trump for Tibet: Between the lines

Gyalpo Tsering

Gyalpo Tsering

By Gyalpo Tsering

CANADA, 4 January 2017

Donald Trump, the US President-elect, the one man everybody loves to hate. Racist, bigoted and a loud mouth — who isn’t these days, even among our “peace-loving” Tibetans? Judging by the way our recent exile elections went, they were no different from the recent bitter and acrimonious US elections. In the case of our Tibetan elections, Lukar Jam was accused of almost the same things as President-elect Trump. Sadly though, unlike the President-elect, Lukar Jam lost the elections, even though the accusations were far from the truth.

So what’s my point? Well I believe overall, President Donald Trump would indirectly benefit us more than all the goody-two-shoe US presidents so far, including even President Obama and Ms Clinton. All the US presidents so far have been kind to us, and even invited our beloved Kundun through the garbage-lined back door of the White House — but they have not helped us in our real cause, which is to get back home to our own country. For that matter, is any country obligated to help our cause? Perhaps not, but the US did indirectly hinder us in gaining our independence by supporting China and making them even more powerful; thus giving them unfettered license to abuse and destroy our land and our people.

The President-elect, from my vantage point, is less of an idealist and more of a shoot-from-the-hip kind of guy. Will he do everything he claimed in his election promise? I doubt it since there are powerful forces in the US establishment that want to keep the status quo and not let Trump charge through the gates like a raging bull. They will find a way to tame him. But I hope sincerely, that he can break the chains and do his thing, especially to reign in China like he promised. China is a rogue nation, devoid of humanity and a sense of decency and the rule of law; a cartel run by a bunch of thugs, seizing power every decade from the previous thugs.

This I think, Mr Trump understands too well. China cannot be tamed by trade, good gestures, and proffering your arse. Like them, he most likely would do tit-for-tat type of dealings, which ultimately is good for any nation trying to ring the cat. The Chinese are masters at negotiations, and no Western nation has thus far successfully won any major monopolies from them. In fact, it is the other way around: Millions of jobs have been lost to China’s cheap labour, and tons of poor-quality goods dumped on a nation’s population that have no money because they lost their jobs in the first place. The only winners in trading with China have been the top one percent — and that was the intended outcome. Talk of free trade deals and job creation, and human rights thrown in like garnish, are the smoke-and-mirror tricks of the rich to get more money. They don’t care for anyone else.

So I say to the President-elect: Go for it. Scrap the trade deals, build your army stronger, and put some decent food on the table for your people and not the urine-soaked fruits and vegetables from China. And most important of all stop supporting other bigots and tyrants in other countries, so that their innocent people don’t have to leave their homes and head for the West.

Last of all, if you truly are the Trump card of the most powerful nation in the world, help us Tibetans get our independence back from China. You don’t have to go to war with China, just speak the plain truth. Tibet never was, is, nor will be part of China.

God Bless America!

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First batch of infants from TCV 1960-ish. Studied in Dr Graham's Homes School. Graduate in 1971 winter. Worked in TCV Dharamshala and the Department of Information for a few years. Immigrated to Canada in the 1989. Hobnobbing as a part-time amateur writer.

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