Genetic purification, and future of living beings

Mila Rangzen

Mila Rangzen

By Mila Rangzen

NEW YORK, US, 9 October 2016

Throughout history, humans have tried to find answers to the problems they faced, but to this day all efforts have failed. All religions failed. Capitalism, communism and all other “–isms” failed. All attempts failed because we humans were not visionary enough, not revolutionary enough, and obviously not bold enough.

Genetic purification is an intended global policy of eliminating the bad genes from the human condition, whereby the good genes flourish unhindered by bad genes till the end of time in a state of heaven on earth. This policy would be applied based on the soundness of the human genes in five different aspects: physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and verbal. The goal is to produce a master humanity with master ethnicities by getting rid of 99% of the human population that carries the bad gene. Gender ratio will be 50 : 50, with a family planning of we two, our two. 35 million women, 35 million men.

What constitutes good genes or bad genes shall be discussed later, but for now: Why just genetic purification for humans only, and not for animals or other living beings? Humans are the only creatures in which nature often fails to detect, distinguish, and separate the good genes by eliminating the bad genes. In nature, survival of the fittest need not necessarily mean the survival of the best genes. This results in bad genes dominating the world, creating unbelievable misery for humans, animals, and for nature itself. Hence genetic purification will be applied to humans only.

Why the concern for all living beings? The survival of humans depends on the well-being and numbers of all living beings, with perhaps the exception of roaches, mice, and cancer-causing bacteria, germs and viruses. Even these creatures, especially roaches and mice, have their own role in the ecosystem by being food to all those beautiful birds, mammals, and reptiles we are fond of.

Why genetic purification at all? Humans have always been the most destructive species on earth. We build with our left hand and destroy with our own right hand. A lion kills enough, not more than necessary, to satisfy its hunger and feed its cubs. But humans kill to satiate the hunger of their greed. And that’s an unending pattern. The suffering that we continue to inflict, to satiate our greed for resources, wealth, power, and fame — through religions, violence, hatred, racism, wars, death, destruction, exploitation, poverty, illiteracy, pollution, and disease — is even beyond our own imagination.

Until and unless genetic purification is applied, we will become the cause of our own extinction in about 100 years, simply due to the lack of resources, destruction of forests, meltdown of glaciers and snows, rise of sea level, and also due to the heat generated by the atoms in each individual in a pool of 16 billion humans on a small planet like ours.

How are we going to achieve this genetically purified state? Through the process of group selection and elimination, the bad-gene humans will be fed sleeping pills and carbon monoxide to ensure a humane and painless death, and then be jettisoned into the dozen sinkholes around the world. The sinkholes will be covered with earth to prevent the spread of disease. The sinkholes can easily swallow over seven billion humans. If the logistics of shipping seven billion bad-gene humans to the sinkholes poses a problem, then we will have to create giant holes or satellite sinkholes in the earth wherever necessary to bury them efficiently.

Seven billion deaths might sound like a large number and a cruel one at that, but it pales before the on average 100 million deaths every year, resulting in billions of death over the next hundred years, and not to speak of the 16 billion human deaths in the last remaining two months of earth when it can take no more. Through genetic purification we are in fact protecting and saving billions of lives, yes, healthy happy beautiful intelligent compassionate lives.

Who can do it? Where and when? The most powerful person on earth and their inner core or government, one that is visionary, revolutionary, and compassionate enough to be ruthless enough to usher humanity into the next new world order can execute this policy. A world of beauty, health, love, compassion, awareness, justice, equality, luxury, entertainment, space exploration, and peace will flood every fiber of humanity. Equality not only in opportunities but also in results will be a reality. Equality not just in economics but also in beauty, intelligence, health, compassion and happiness will thunder. Total disarmament, except for 9mm pistols (to be used on humans in self-defense or to maintain law and order) and magnum 500 pistols (to be used on wild animals only in self-defense) will be in place. No military. No borders. But a large police force in each city to maintain law and order will be put in place. A member from each family will be recruited in the police force on a rotation basis to reduce the risk of power grabbing. No governments, but just one administration representing all the ethnicities equally. No politics, no political parties. But one organization, called People’s Organization, will stand out. Its main function will be to remove or eliminate all those corrupt staff in the administration or those who fail to live up to the productive standards established. The said organization will check and nip in the bud any attempts by the administration to grab power and impose dictatorship on the people.

Trust me, we are not going back to the caves. All modern conveniences will not only remain but will be improved upon. A new economic system would be in place to ensure every individual has a life of luxury that at this point only a billionaire can afford. People will work 3 days a week 8 hours per day. The remaining 4 days will be off for quality time. No lazing though. A good number of experts, with bad genes, on running the world smoothly will remain for a period of time so that their expertise can be transferred to the good-gene people, that is if good genes lack the pool of experts in any field from medicine to computer to infrastructure. But these experts will be sterilized to prevent the continuation of bad genes.

70 million good-gene humans will be scattered around the world in 70 cities, each with 1 million inhabitants, to avoid extinction of any kind whether by meteorites or asteroids or some plague. Drugs, alcohol, smoking, and organized religion will be banned. Zero tolerance! Absolute equal and lawful retribution will be in place. Let the nature and wildlife reclaim its lost territory around the world! In 100 years 99% of the habitable land will be green, and jungles purifying the earth with oxygen! All the endangered species will spring back in millions! Wow, my voiceless love! Now there is simply no need to worry about, for instance, a large number of deer causing havoc to the vegetation that might lead to the extinction of all creatures. Nature will take care of itself. Humans, though, as part of the nature, are often the culprit that gets out of control. This genetic purification process will be repeated every time human population hits seven billion. And it might take a million years before this process needs to be repeated.

It is an established fact that every ethnicity has good genes as well as bad genes. The only difference is a matter of percentage. The new man/woman is physically healthy, no contagious, infectious, or hereditary diseases, no deformity, but well-proportioned, with athletic build, good-looking, meeting all the social sensory requirement, men 6′ or more, women 5′ 8” or more. Sharp (not too sharp) proportioned features, clear skin, good teeth, good breath, no body odor, and right size (and shape too) sex organs with penis length and circumference between 6″ to 8″. Mentally healthy, no hereditary mental illness, but intelligent, intellectual, honest. Emotionally sound, loving, kind, open, thoughtful, empathetic, compassionate, peaceful, large-hearted. Verbally pleasant with man sounding manly, woman sounding womanly. Men aged between 18 to 45 and women aged 18 to 35 will go through the test.

All those who do not meet the above good gene requirement must prepare themselves to head for the sinkholes. Same goes for muggers, prisoners, hunters, poachers, politicians, nature exploiters, extremists, LGBTQCGSA, terrorists, supremacists, fishermen, and all criminals. Prisons around the world will be emptied overnight! A rough composition of the new man/woman in terms of numbers is as follows. Blacks 2 million, Arabs 2 million, Persian 2 million, South Asian 2 million, Hispanics 2 million, Mediterranean 2 million, East Europeans 7 million, West Europeans 20 million, Central Asians 10 million, East Asian 20 million, and other 1 million. Total 70 million humans, that is, 1% of the current human population on earth, will survive the process. No need to worry about the consequences of only one good gene pool, because the good gene pool will be big and with wide variety, scattered across the five continents. When it comes to beauty, which is although subjective, yet studies have shown that when the color of the skin is removed from the beauty equation, we all, regardless of the differences in our ethnicity, class, gender and culture, almost come to a unanimous view as to what a handsome man or a beautiful woman should be physically speaking.

One might suggest experimenting with this idea on an island first, but the problem with this suggestion is that the islands are on earth and hence it will fail, given that the law of interdependency operating on this planet is immediate. The ideal would be on another water-based planet. but for now this planet is generations of light years away and hence not reachable. However, if worst comes to worst, an island experiment shall be carried out but with total sterilization of the bad genes living on the continents.

In the final account, nature is smart enough to adapt and take care of itself no matter what happens to it, and although humans are no more important as a species than any other species on this earth, yet I do want to see the continuity of this intelligent species but on a far superior level. In the process, all the human-made suffering will be dramatically reduced, giving life a meaning where there is none inherently, scientifically speaking. The meaning or purpose is born through our constant experience off and on of joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure, happiness and unhappiness. The purpose then is to reduce or if possible eliminate the duality in life as much as possible. But how?

If plan A, the sinkhole experiment, fails, then plan B, the island experiment, would be executed. Total sterilization of all the bad genes will let them die a natural death. Easy but be patient. In this island experiment, we will see the full result in about 75 years. 70 million good-gene humans will live on an island and when all the sterilized bad-gene humans die in less than 75 years, that’s when the good-gene humans will leave the island and move to the five continents and flood them. Even as we speak, millions of doctors and nurses around the world can secretly sterilize millions of the bad-gene people.

You might argue that the world elite, numbering around 10,000 people, with all its power and resources will survive any overpopulation mega-disasters. But what kind of elite would that be? I bet 99% of them would be bad genes. Besides being a tiny and risky number, it violates the genetic purification objective in the first place. It is not about the continuity of humans but the continuity of good-gene humans. Hence the elite argument goes out of the window.

This exercise in freedom of expression will hopefully find a super hero, before it is too late, who embodies both will and means to achieve this new world order, a paradise on earth where humans will have only one complaint, that is of boredom in luxury — which is a luxury when compared to the current state of human affairs, which is utterly deplorable. This boredom arising out of unlimited sensual pleasures will mother a relentless research into the human consciousness and the boundless space beyond this planet for ultimate liberation if such a state exists.

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Mila Rangzen is a US armed forces veteran serving the New York Community as an immigration translator. He can be reached at [email protected]

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