Tibet facing greatest human rights violations, say Indian politicians

South Zone Tibetan Parliamentarians meeting with Professor Lord Meghnad Desai (3rd right) and his wife Ms Kishwar Desai (3rd left) in Goa, India.

South Zone Tibetan Parliamentarians meeting with Professor Lord Meghnad Desai (3rd right) and his wife Ms Kishwar Desai (3rd left) in Goa, India, on 26 August 2013. South Zone Tibetan Parliamentarians

By Lobsang Yeshi | by Email

GOA, India, 29 August 2013

Honourable Deputy Chief Minister of Goa, Shri Francisco D’Souza, while meeting the delegation of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile, affirmed that “There is no greater human rights violation in the world than in Tibet, and the world is not doing justice to the Tibetans.”

On 25 August, the Tibetan Parliamentary delegation who are on a “Solidarity with Tibet” campaign tour in the Indian state of Goa, called on the Honourable Deputy Chief Minister, Shri Francisco D’Souza, and apprised him of the worsening situation inside Tibet which has culminated in the spate of self-immolations. The delegates also briefed Shri D’Souza on China’s vicious designs in Tibet including political repression, cultural genocide, environmental exploitation, and demographic aggression. They urged the Indian Government and the people to raise the issue at various Governmental and Non-Governmental platforms.

The delegates presented a ceremonial scarf (khata) and a Memento along with Memorandum, CDs, and materials depicting information on the situation inside Tibet. Shri D’Souza assured tham that he is fully aware of the sufferings of the Tibetans inside Tibet and that he has solidarity with the Tibetan people. He further assured them that Tibet would achieve its goal soon.

The following day, the delegates called on Professor Lord Meghnad Desai and his wife Ms Kishwar Desai in the city. Professor Lord Meghnad Desai is an Indian-born British Parliament member and a renowned world economist. Baron Desai, who also serves as economic advisor to numerous countries, among them the British Government, Indian Government, Bhutan Government, US President Barack Obama, was also recognized by the Indian Government with the prestigious Padma Bhushan award.

Expressing his profound appreciation of and goodwill to the Tibetan struggle, Lord Desai recalled his pleasant meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in a conference in Italy. He passionately shared with the delegates his views on how to synergize the Tibetan freedom movement in the context of today’s realpolitik. He suggested that Tibetans should invest their efforts in lobbying the under-used powers like Latin America, Brazil, Mexico, European Union, and nations who are more independent of Chinese economy and influence. He also opined that though the Tibetans face a formidable adversary in China, China’s power is impermanent and the durability of its power is can be likened to a glass vase, which once broken cannot be repaired. He felt that an impending political catastrophe in China would ensure success of the Tibetan freedom struggle. He quoted, “China is super-stable until it breaks down.” He further urged the Tibetans to look for opportunities and nurture future scopes to enhance the Tibet struggle. “A more aggressive Indian foreign policy vis-à-vis China would also be a great boon for Tibet’s cause”, Lord Desai said.

Ms Kishwar Desai greeted the delegation with refreshments and expressed her solidarity with the Tibetan people. Ms Desai is a popular award-winning novelist and a columnist and a former TV anchor, producer and head of Zee TV, Doordharshan, Star TV and NDTV. Currently Ms Desai is also a political columnist with The Week magazine, Asian Age and Tribune.

The Tibetan Parliament delegates also called on Shri Shripad Y Naik, a former Union Minister and an honorable Member of the Indian Parliament. Shri Naik, a prominent BJP national leader from Goa, expressed his heartfelt empathy to the Tibetan freedom struggle and assured it of his solidarity and support. Shri Naik stated that despite China’s growing power, Tibetans should not lose hope and must keep the struggle alive. The Honourable MP delved into the problems India suffers as a result of Chinese intrusion and occupation of Indian border territory.

The delegates also met with Mr. Sanjay Sinha, Bureau Chief of SAHARA TV, and his wife Namita Sinha, Channel Head, HCN News & Entertainment channel, NDTV television, Goa. Both expressed sincere support for the Tibetan struggle, and shared ideas to synergize the Tibetan freedom struggle more successfully.

The following day the delegates gave an exclusive interview with The Herald, Goa’s most popular English newspaper. The newspaper published the report the next day. That evening, the delegates met and interacted with local Tibetans residing in Calangute and Vasco.

Earlier the delegates had met with Mr Vikram Varma and Dr Anita Dudhane, Tibet supporters in the city. Mr Varma, a popular Supreme Court lawyer who represents the Russian Government in the state of Goa, assured them of his utmost support for the Tibetan cause and the Tibetan people. He suggested that the Tibetan people should have a two-prong vision, to nurture effectively the Tibetans in exile while campaigning for their political goal. He stressed, “With the grace and efforts of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the dedication of the Tibetan people, Tibet will surely achieve its goal of freedom in the near future.”

Dr Dudhane, also a fellow Buddhist, was instrumental in overseeing the successful treatment of His Eminence Ling Rinpoche in Goa. Dr Dudhane assured the delegates of her continuous support for the Tibetan cause and the Tibetan people in the city.

The delegates leave for Mumbai on Thursday after concluding their campaign in Goa.

The South Zone Tibetan Parliamentary Delegation, comprising Mr Gyari Bhutuk, Ms Tsering Youdon, Ms Bumo Tsering, Ven Artuk Tseten, Mr Jigme Jungney, and Mr Lobsang Yeshi, had earlier this year toured the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Pondicherry for the “Solidarity with Tibet” campaign.

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