Hundreds gather in Delhi to support Tibet

Tibetans and Tibet supporters from Asian countries gather at Jantar Mantar

Tibetans and Tibet supporters from Asian countries gather at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi to show their support and solidarity with the Tibetan cause for a free Tibet, in New Delhi, India, on 27 August 2013. India-Tibet Co-ordination Office


NEW DELHI, India, 28 August 2013

Over 1,000 Tibetans and Tibet supporters from many Asian countries gathered at New Delhi on Monday to express solidarity with the sufferings of Tibetans inside Tibet.

Participants in the rally included people from many walks of life, including political leaders, students, teachers, monks, and former army officials, as well as notable members of civil society.

The Asian rally in solidarity with Tibet is a first of its kind, where Tibet supporters from different Asian countries joined Indian Tibet supporters to rally for the cause of Tibet. The destcruction of Tibet’s fragile ecosystem by the Chinese regime is a great threat to the whole world, but particularly to the people and environment of Asia. The cause of Tibet is therefore the cause of Asian people, seeking freedom, justice and equality for all.

Dr Tint Swe, a former member of parliament from Burma, expressed his deep solidarity with Tibet and said the Tibetan struggle is always close to his heart because it is a fight for truth and justice. He added that the Burmese people had always supported the just cause of Tibet.

Mr Abdul Rasool Khan, a retired colonel and a veteran of the 1962 Indo-China war, in his address said that India should have done more for the cause of Tibet. He said it is the sacred duty of India to strengthen the Tibetan movement for a free Tibet and help reduce the sufferings of the Tibetan people.

Mr Vijay Kranti, a staunch Tibet supporter, pointed out in his address that India has never shared a common border with China before 1949. He said that China’s occupation of Tibet has created a lot of border issues with all its new neighbours.

He also noted the serious implications of Chinese activities on the rivers of Tibet, which can wreak havoc on the downstream countries.

Among the many dignitaries who addressed the rally were Ven Dr Nakamura from Japan, Shri Tachok Kabak from Arunachal Pradesh, Mr Ashoka Chourasia from Nepal, Budd Ratan, a Buddhist monk from Bodh Gaya, and Fayaz Mohamad Khan, a Muslim youth activist.

Speaking to the media after the rally, Dr NK Trikha, the national convenor of Core Group for Tibetan Cause-India, said Tibetans are suffering untold brutality in Tibet under the severe repression imposed by the Chinese government. He said that it is not the Chinese people but the Chinese government that is trying to annihilate Tibet’s culture and traditions with its failed policies.

He expressed hope that the efforts of the Tibet support groups will restore the rights and liberties denied to the Tibetans by the Chinese government.

The rally was organised by the Core Group for Tibetan Cause-India, Asian Tibet Support Groups, and facilitated by the India-Tibet Co-ordination Office (ITCO) based in New Delhi. The rally aimed to show the genuine concerns and deep sense of anguish by the Tibetans and highlight the wave of Tibetan self-immolations that has swept Tibet since 2009.

Though the Indian Parliament is in session, Shri Joseph Tobbo, member of Parliament, came and showed his solidarity with Tibet.

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