Pro-Tibet activists spread awareness on Tibet in Costa Rica

Pro-Tibet activists in Costa Rica raising awareness of Tibet in front of the National Stadium in San José on 12 December 2012.

Pro-Tibet activists in Costa Rica raising awareness of Tibet in front of the National Stadium in San José on 12 December 2012. UNFFT

By John Green | UNFFT

SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica, 19 December 2012

Local Tibet supporters joined in the proclamation-activity of Costa Rica for Peace with Mother Earth 2012 (from 12.12.2012 to 21.12.2012), held in the National Stadium in San José on 12 December 2012, and co-sponsored by the Chinese government,

During the event, Tibet activists amplified the voice for human rights and climate justice in Tibet, to urge peace-loving people as well as world leaders, governments, and politicians to stand up for Tibet against the China’s failed policy towards Tibetan nomads and the mismanagement of Tibet’s Waters and resources.

“The Chinese government is running the propaganda machine to deceive public opinion in Costa Rica, to conceal its ongoing repression in Occupied Tibet. However, human rights continue to rapidly deteriorate, and the whole environment continues to worsen in Tibet because of China’s failed policy in Tibet and the corrupt exploitation by Chinese authorities. The world should take an immediate action collectively to save Tibet.” said Brigitte von Bulow, chair of United Nations for a Free Tibet.

China’s repressive policies against Tibetans have caused terrible suffering during the 60 years since China invaded and occupied Tibet. Following widely-publicized plateau-wide uprisings in 2008, the Chinese government vowed a strengthened, hardline crackdown in Tibet, which led to an escalating crisis in Tibet which is capturing the attention of the global community. Since 2009, over 96 Tibetans have self-immolated and a new wave of large-scale protests against Chinese rule is spreading through eastern Tibet and across the country, with demonstrators calling for freedom in Tibet and the return of the Dalai Lama.

“Almost daily, reports come from inside Tibet of arbitrary detention, disappearances, killings, ethnic cleansing, cultural genocide,” said Martha, UNFFT Costa Rica ambassador, introducing the subject to the local media and attendees. “As peace-loving people, it wound our hearts to see the repression of Chinese Government on the culture, the human rights, the dignity and the ecosystem of Tibet. Significantly, the forced evictions of Tibetan nomads, who are the true stewards of Tibet’s grasslands, are diminishing a centuries-old nomadic culture and causing social and economic exclusion and marginalization of the hundred thousands of displaced nomads deprived of their right of self-determination.”

“We realise we are not likely to make the kind of progress we need if the global community continues to treat Tibet as a moral issue divorced from internationally strategic issues,” she said, and that, facing the challenge, “today, coinciding with Tibetans and Tibet across the world, we rally together here to highlight the legitimate grievances of the Tibetan people, and urge our government and world leaders to stand together for Tibet by urgently establishing multi-lateral cooporation and holding Beijing accountable for its atrocities in Tibet.”

The United Nations for a Free Tibet (UNFFT) works to raise awareness of gross human rights violations committed against Tibetans in their homeland by the Communist Chinese Army which has occupied Tibet for more that 60 years. Their mission is to educate the public and to advocate for an end to the oppression and atrocities brought by the brutal Communist Chinese occupation. With over 50,000 members spread across the globe, the organisation is a strong ally of Tibet. UNFFT is registered in the United States as a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organisation.

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