Tibetans in Chauntra and Bir offer puja for self-immolations

Exile Tibetans in Chauntra pose for a photo

Exile Tibetans in Chauntra pose for a photo after a prayer session for the self-immolations in Tibet, on 9 November 2012. Tenzin Rabga

By Tenzin Rabga | Tibet Sun

BIR, India, 9 November 2012

Tibetans in Chauntra gathered in Drikung Kagyue Bhumang Jampaling at 9am in the morning to offer special puja for the self-immolations in Tibet. The monks and public performed Jang Chog with Lama Choepa rituals to those who sacrificed their precious human lives. The Settlement Officer briefed everyone on the significance of this puja. The Nangchen Society offered 100 butter lamps (Choeme Gyachoe).

This prayer session was organized by Drikung Kagyue Bhumang Jampaling from 9am till 12pm. The monastery offered tea and refreshments, and Tsog was also distributed in the end to all the public. After the prayer session, all the people gathered for a group photo to show their solidarity, to send the message to those Tibetans inside Tibet that we stand in unity. Around 80 people were gathered for this prayer session in Chauntra.

In the afternoon, Peme Aawam Gyurmeling Monastery organised a mass puja in Bir for the public. The monks performed Tsog Khor and Butter Lamp offering based on Khando Sangwa Yeshi by Ter Chen Chog Gyur Lingpa. Around 50 people participated in this prayer session.

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