No applicants makes no Miss Tibet Pageant 2019

Tibet Sun Newsroom

McLEOD GANJ, India, 20 May 2019

The organisers of the Miss Tibet Pageant announced that there will be no Pageant this year due to lack of applicants.

“With much regret, we are announcing that there will be no Miss Tibet Pageant 2019 due to no applicants,” said in a statement.

“The online application was opened in February for aspiring young Tibetan women to apply to participate and win the crown as in the past. But on the last day of the application at the end of April, there were no applications.”

Saying that they expected many applications, the Pageant organisers started preparations a few months ago, including the hotel booking which was cancelled after the last day of April since there were no applications.

Undaunted, the organisers still feel that the Pageant is fulfilling its aim of being a jumping-off pad for young Tibetan women to excel in their own lives and contribute to society.

Miss Tibet was started in 2002 to empower young Tibetan women. However, on five occasions the pageant received only one entrant, whom they made the unopposed winner.

The last year’s Pageant in New York was to have seven contestants from India, but the US embassy in Delhi refused visas for them. Three other contestants from the US withdrew due to personal reasons, resulting in having only one participant. She was crowned in an event witnessed by a few hundred Tibetans living in and around New York City.

Of the 16 Miss Tibets over the years, some have gone to participate in international pageants in various countries. They have participated in 12 international pageants so far, with some taking part in top pageants like the Miss Earth and Miss Global pageants.

Organisers say the Miss Tibet Pageant has no political agenda, but the Chinese government has over the years interfered and pressured various international directors to ban Miss Tibet from their pageants. China demands that for a Miss Tibet to be in an international pageant, she should be sashed “Miss Tibet-China”.

“All the winners have done very well after winning the title in whatever way they could for society, such as through media, appearing as guests in events, and participating in international pageants,” the Miss Tibet statement said.

“We feel that this is a missed chance for Tibet and Tibetan society this year. But keeping the maxim ‘Never give up’ at heart, we hope to have applicants in the next year’s Pageant in June 2020, for young Tibetan women to take the opportunity to learn, experience, and contribute to society.”

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