Local residents and CTA at loggerheads over gate plan

By Lalit Mohan | The Tribune

DHARAMSHALA, India, 21 November 2018

The plans of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) to erect a gate at the entrance of their establishment in Dharamshala have landed it in a row with locals.

The residents of ward number 3 and 4 and Gamru villagers have objected to installation of a gate on the plea that it may restrict their movements on the road passing through offices of the establishment.

In the beginning of this month, the locals residing near central library of the CTA filed a complaint to the Dharamshala Municipal Corporation stating that how the gate would affect the lives of its 5,000 residents. A team of MC officials visited the site.

On Monday, Tsewang Gyalpo Arya, additional secretary in the department of home, CTA, submitted an application to the MC Commissioner, acknowledging the protest and requesting the authority for assistance in the installation of a gate to help control traffic.

The CTA maintained that it was willing to help construct a parking lot near the almost-complete road connecting the village to the Jogiwara road near the residential buildings of the CTA’s members-of-parliament. The application to the Commissioner included photos of the traffic situation. The Mayor, however, said there was no need to erect a gate and if there was a reason to do so, the MC would do it.

The residents of ward number 3 said the road from the Gangkyi entrance had been their main road and the creation of road behind it would not serve the purpose.

CTA officials said the main purpose of the gate was not to block routes but to control the traffic situation as it got difficult when high-profile Indian and international officials visit it.

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