PM Modi targeted with ‘The Lie Lama’ posters; Delhi cops launch lookout

Posters with PM Narendra Modi's photo and reading

Posters with PM Narendra Modi's photo and reading "The Lie Lama" were seen in Delhi this week. Image tweeted by @savukku

By Divyanshu Dutta Roy | NDTV

NEW DELHI, India, 12 May 2018

Black-and-white posters with red text plastered across Delhi sent the police scrambling into action on Thursday, taking many of them down and registering a case against unidentified people. “The Lie Lama”, the posters read over a monochrome photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with folded hands. The police have registered a case of vandalism and “confiscated” a poster in central Delhi’s Mandir Marg area.

The police have received complaints about the posters from several areas in central Delhi which fall under the New Delhi Municipal Council or NDMC besides Model Town and Moti Nagar. The posters were also widely shared on social media in the last few days, accusing PM Narendra Modi of making false promises.

Leaders and members of the BJP have objected to the posters. Acting on the complaints, the police registered the case last night after removing them from a wall in Mandir Marg’s J-Block area. They say the posters don’t have the name of any printing establishment on them. Since the posters were put up on government property, the police registered a case under the defacement law against unknown people. Local residents would be questioned to ascertain the identity of the people behind the act, they said.

Some social media users on Friday noted that many of the posters were taken down after the police case was registered.

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