Footage shows ‘monk setting himself on fire’ in protest

 The video appears to show a self-immolation protest near Kirti monastery.

The video appears to show a self-immolation protest near Kirti monastery. Twitter

By Rachael Burford |

ON THE WEB, 24 December 2017

Horrifying footage allegedly showing a monk setting himself on fire in protest over China’s domination of Tibet has gone viral on social media.

The video appears to show a self-immolation protest near Kirti monastery in Tibet’s Ngaba county, an area incorporated into China’s Sichuan Province.

Witnesses reported seeing the man raising a poster and then hearing him call out for Tibetan freedom before setting himself alight.

The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) has said it is concerned about the number of Tibetans who are killing themselves in protest of Chinese occupation.

President of the CTA Dr Lobsang Sangay said: “Despite repeated appeals from the Central Tibetan Administration, at least 151 Tibetans have set themselves on fire inside Tibet since 2009.

“The Chinese government should realise that the cause as well as the solution to this wave of fiery protests lie with the Chinese government itself.

“The Chinese government should address the legitimate grievances of the Tibetan people and review their failed policies that has engendered the grim situation and Tibetans resorting to self immolation to protest the Chinese rule in Tibet.”

The identity of the protester and his condition after the fire are unknown.

CTA officials allege his body was taken away by Chinese authorities who put out the flames.

There have been 148 confirmed self-immolations in Tibet since 27 February 2009, when a young monk named Tapey set himself on fire in a marketplace in Sichuan and appeared to start a wave of protests.

Another two self-immolations are disputed.

Almost all of the protesters have been monks, former monks or nuns.

In 2012 the Dalai Lama said he does not encourage the self-immolations, but praised the ‘courage’ of the protesters.

He blamed the self-immolations on the Chinese domination of Tibet, describing it as “cultural genocide”.

In later interviews the Dalai Lama said he wished to remain ‘neutral’ on the matter.

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