Exile Tibetan Parliament passes budget of 2,434 million rupees

Tibetan Parliament-in-exile in a session in Dharamshala, India, on 22 March 2017.

Tibetan Parliament-in-exile in a session in Dharamshala, India, on 22 March 2017. Tibet Sun/Lobsang Wangyal

By Lobsang Wangyal

ON THE WEB, 26 March 2017

The exile Tibetan Parliament passed a budget of 2,434.6 million Indian rupees (37 million USD approx) for the programmes and activities of the Central Tibetan Administration for the coming fiscal year 2017-18.

The budget session was concluded on Saturday after 11 days of deliberations at the exile Tibetan headquarters in Dharamshala.

Of the seven departments, the Department of Home gets the maximum budget with 471 million rupees to look after the Tibetan settlements in India and Nepal. The Department of Education receives 212 million rupees, and Free Tibet activities was allotted 55 million rupees.

The other major business in the Parliament was the discussion on electoral reforms. The Kashag (Cabinet) led by Sikyong (exile Tibetan Prime Minister) walked out of the House after the joint Kashag-Parliamentary Election Review Committee failed to address the Kashag’s proposal to scrap the current process of preliminary and final voting, and to conduct elections in a single round.

Sikyong argued that voting twice costs extra time and money, and due to the long campaign period people with vested interests get more time for mudslinging which causes much damage to Tibetan unity and image.

The 2016 exile Tibetan elections saw long stormy campaigns, which angered the Dalai Lama.

Due to the stalemate over the contentious issue, the Speaker suggested that Kashag present a revised proposal for further discussion in the next session in September.

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