Dalai Lama rebuffs Trump’s proposed wall during speech in Hyderabad

His Holiness the Dalai Lama in a file photo.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama in a file photo. File photo/AP

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HYDERABAD, India, 13 February 2017

Taking a dig at the President of United States of America, Donald Trump, the Dalai Lama said that instead of building walls, world leaders should engage in dialogue to resolve differences and form a ‘Union’ for peaceful co-existence and development.

He added that all countries should develop the “spirit” of the European Union (EU) in coming together. His statement comes at a time when the US president has openly called for the dismantling of the European Union.

“I am one of the admirers of European Union,” said Dalai Lama. “The EU spirit eventually should the African Union. Eventually Latin America, I think, we should develop one Union. Also, sometimes I feel Mexico should be a part of United States.” The Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader said the Latin American continent, Africa, India and China should also follow the EU model and come together.

“We should create a Union of the World and demilitarise the world,” the Tibetan spiritual leader said. He was delivering a talk on ‘Ethics, Values and Well-being’ at Hyderabad on Sunday.

The function was attended by KT Rama Roa, minister of IT, and the Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Mahmood Ali.

“In order to achieve a demilitarised world, we must make effort to create the spirit of dialogue, it is a practical way.

“The best method is dialogue — whenever some different interest or different view arises, through dialogue and talks we can resolve it,” he said.

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