New Miss Tibet donates prize money for Tibetan activism

Miss Tibet 2013 Tenzing Lhamo poses for a photo after being crowned the new Miss Tibet, giving victory sign.

Miss Tibet 2013 Tenzing Lhamo poses for a photo after being crowned the new Miss Tibet in Bangalore on 13 February 2013.

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BANGALORE, India, 14 February 2013

The new Miss Tibet 2013 Tenzing Lhamo announced the donation of her prize money to two Tibetan organisations.

Outgoing Miss Tibet Tenzin Yangkyi passed on the crown to Lhamo in a simple coronation ceremony in Bangalore.

Lhamo received prize money of one lakh rupees (2000 USD approx) along with the title.

The ceremony was started with a minute’s silence to honour Tibetan heroes who sacrificed their lives for the Tibetan cause.

The number of Tibetans self-immolating in protest against the repressive Chinese rule has crossed 100. The last in the wave of fiery protests was reported on Wednesday when a Buddhist monk in his early 20s set himself on fire in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tenzing Lhamo, the only one to apply and who won the title, spoke about the self-immolations in Tibet and her commitment to work for a free Tibet.

“As the new Miss Tibet, I pledge to do everything in my capabilities for the cause of Tibet, and I’d like to encourage the Tibetan youngsters living outside of Tibet to step forward too. We cannot sit idle when our brothers and sisters in Tibet are dying daily,” Lhamo said.

“Tibetans in Tibet are burning their bodies, and that fire has ignited flames in the heartstrings of Tibetans everywhere. Now we urge the heads of free nations including the US, UK, India, and elsewhere to stand up for the Tibetan cause. Because being mere spectators in the demolition of humanity in Tibet is being as responsible for it as the oppressors.”

She announced the donation of the prize money to Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Madison, Wisconsin, and Students for a Free Tibet, New York.

Outgoing Miss Tibet Tenzin Yangkyi held back her tears as she spoke about different experiences during her reign as Miss Tibet.

Miss Tibet 2007 Tenzin Dolma was also present during the coronation ceremony. Two Tibetan singers Tenzin Norbu and Tenzin Jigme presented their new patriotic songs for the occasion.

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