Please reconsider winding-up Tibet Sun

Dear Lobsang Wangyal la,

Tashi Deleck and warm greetings! I am so saddened and disappointed to see your announcement about the winding up of our much cherished media Tibet Sun which you as a great innovator built some 13 years ago. If it shuts as you have announced, this will be a big loss to our entire struggle and cause. Because, today Tibet Sun is not just about LW as an individual. It is, rather, about the entire Tibetan Cause and its struggle. The burn of loss from shutting it down has to be felt by each and every Tibetan, especially the reading audience.

I see your Media as one such rare platform which embraces the fundamental ethics of journalism, from neutrality to social responsibility to advocacy of democratic values — without any barriers and conditions. It is already established and reputed. It has become an important platform to exercise freedom of speech and expression, the main important aspect of democracy. It has already served greatly to the promotion and preservation of the Tibet Cause and democratic values, which a chief vision of His Holiness.

Tibet Sun has already become a family kind of part of every reading Tibetan. It is an emotion of all Tibetans to turn for hope during thick and thin.

It looks like, going through the announcement, the fund crunch is the forcing reason behind this painful winding-up decision. Tibet Sun being a politically-important media which bears direct significant to the Tibet cause and democracy, it becomes the responsibility of all Tibetans to come forward and help in saving Tibet Sun from closing down. And I am happily willing to do my part in that endeavor in whatever form. An online fund-raising initiative would do good, I think.

Personally, Tibet Sun is so close to my heart. Around eight opinions of mine have been published on your portal. I always owe you for giving me the platform. You have been an extremely accommodating entrepreneur/innovator who has made many something that they can feel proud by giving opportunity and platform. Thank you once again for giving me the platform. I owe you for that always!

Your liberal and freedom-oriented thinking has been the key in lifting many youngsters up with their respective talents. And for that you are, very deservingly, a much-loved and followed person in the exile.

And your Miss Tibet franchise also, a great brand which you have single-handedly built, has undeniably greatly contributed towards the promotion of the Tibetan issue on international platforms.

Given this, I hope you will reconsider the winding-up decision, if the fund crunch problem gets solved. To say this is not easy, I understand. But I am quite sure the freedom-loving public will happily come forward to rescue our Tibet Sun from setting. I am also sure that Tibet Sun will get a good buyer at a good margin deal. Because it is already established and reputed. But to the best, we hope it would remain in your hand.

Best regards,

Kunchok Gyatso
Bangalore, India

10 August 2021

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