Last hope: Penpa Tsering Sikyong 2021

Our top priority issue is the resolution of the Tibet-China historical conflict, leaving aside emotional and deep-rooted nationalism and patriotism, since the world and International relationships and diplomacy are founded on practical present-day ground realities. If our goal is to preserve Tibetan national identity which gives us distinct identity as Tibetans and which is the result of Tibetan language, culture, tradition, way of living and values, then “Genuine Autonomy” Or “Self-Rule (swaraaj)” is the nearest practically achievable goal for the seven million Tibetans, since its scope and rights are within the larger PRC Constitution and not beyond or outside what is guaranteed and promised to minorities with special rights granted to Tibet and other major nationalities.

The biggest challenge we face today, as seven million Tibetans both inside occupied Tibet and living outside in exile across the world, is the resolution of the Tibet issue amicably through peaceful dialogue within the lifetime of our supreme leader His Holiness the Great 14th Dalai Lama. For this we have barely two decades at maximum. If we fail to find a solution before that, Tibet as a nation will face the real danger of being completely wiped out from the face of the world.

As for the Rangzen, we can continue the struggle to the last Tibetan on earth, but we cannot risk losing the very Tibetan national and cultural identity in the process of waging a war for the independence of Tibet.

Hence, we have no option to choose from the two Sikyong Candidates, as far as the Middle-Way Policy is concerned and if the core credentials of the present Sikyong candidate is his capability, qualification, commitment, and win ability of that national mandate of the people of Tibet, there is none greater and better Sikyong Candidate than Tsoktso Penpa Tsering la.

For the simple reason that he is an already highly-respected, tried and trusted, interpreter, executor, and advocate of CTA’s Middle-Way Approach Policy, and has been one of the top commanders of it.

Hence Penpa Tsering la, this time for 2021 Sikyong. Kaydor la can wait till Tibet becomes independent to lead the modernisation and development of a free Tibet in 2030 — positively!

Tephun Tenzin
Bylakuppe, India

3 April 2021

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