When fringe became mainstream!

After the 2016 election, His Holiness advised us not to indulge in mudslinging like politicians of other independent countries. I think this is the sole reason why Penpa Tsering is extra careful even not to go for a debate, since there could be disagreements among the panelists. But some people used their media house to malign the former Representative with a concocted/distorted story of some 30 years back when he was just a college-going 20, that too without a dot of proof. This is their malicious scheme as a last resort to fail PT in this race, as he marches towards the victory with huge public support. The timing of their attack is cunningly chosen at the very few hours before the end of campaign so that they can influence some innocent young minds.

Therefore, I will explain briefly the genesis and also the ill-motive of these cunning people chronologically as I understand it. It was during those good old days when Samdhong Rinpoche took charge of CTA and started bringing massive changes as he emphasized the rule of law. Tulku Orgen Topgyal was then a Chithue who used to attack Rinpoche most of the time. The infamous event when he accused Rinpoche of corruption is still in our distant memory. PT was then a young dynamic new leader-in-making as he sliced through those who taunted HH and Samdhong Rinpoche. He also has a Masters in Commerce and Economics which came handy as he brought many changes in the account system of Parliament and CTA.

Rinpoche wanted him as his right-hand man, and appointed him a Kalon. Bu the then Chithue Tulku Orgen Topgyal and his gang brought up these same decade-old baseless allegations against PT to stop him by voting against his appointment. Because they are scared as they foresee the capabilities of PT as a threat to their vested interests, then 20 years back! Later the same gang tried to block PT from becoming Speaker, though unsuccessfully. PT went on to become one of the most successful Speakers after Samdhong Rinpoche, as he handled these fringe elements in the Parliament tactfully.

Even during his tenure as Speaker, Tenpa Yarphel (yes, the one who taunted HH and Neychung) brought up the same old issue in the Parliament to create chaos. But PT grew stronger, wiser, and more compassionate to these allegations. During the last election, he scored a 46% vote share, that too against the incumbent President, which is higher than what Modi got in 2014.

Then His Holiness endorsed PT for North America Representative, during the brief tenure of which was aborted untimely as we all know, he did what no Representative did so far by bringing the Tibetan diaspora closer to CTA; appealing for a support for Tibet Policy Act at US Congress, etc. After leaving the office of Tibet, the same groups of people attacked him brutally to try to reduce him to a negligible irrelevant in the Tibetan community.

But the Tibetan Supreme Court delivered a verdict of 1,000-odd pages from which it is crystal clear that PT is and always was truthful, competent, and fair. Therefore, there is massive support for him, mainly from the common public. All the young minds who are not aware of the cunning ill motives of this gang should not fall prey to their play. The irony is that those who taunted HH are dead set against PT — that speaks volumes of the man himself. Happy New Year and may the best win.

Lobsang Tenzin
Zurich, Switzerland

3 January 2021

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