Real cause of India-China border conflict is Communist China

Lobsang Wangyal has summed up in a nutshell the whole complex matter pertaining to the India/Tibet/China triangular relation.

The self-proclaimed ‘expert’ writer-diplomat, who criticizes a Nobel Peace laureate, recognized as the world’s most admired leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, speaks disrespectful language of Communist China and did a great disservice to the devout general people of Ladakh whom His Holiness often lauds. Hence his most insensitive act deserves condemnation in the strongest terms as was done by individuals and organizations.

The Ladakh Buddhist Association, Muslim Association, and others have withstood the test of loyalty in defense of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a beacon of guiding light of hope, humanism, and harmony in this troubled world today.

I appreciate, bow down to, and salute the indomitable spirit of the leaders and members of the Ladakh Buddhist and Muslim communities, who condemned him in written and verbal action.

His Holiness is being followed by millions of people on all the six continents around the world.

I think Mr P Stobdan had attempted to grab the opportunity to politicize the holy person of His Holiness’s name for no valid reason except that is born of inflated ego by attacking the messenger of peace. I don’t think he means apology from the heart. He only sheds a crocodile tear under public pressure. if he were sincere in apology as his letter/video message claims, then he should in his own self-interest confess in full public view. He saw the unexpected backlash of his deliberate denigrating speech from his own people.

He must remove those blasphemous wordings from his book to mean his real intent of apology. Without removing these written allegations from the record, no act by him is an act of apology in fact and spirit.

The following quote from his hate-filled book Great game in the Buddhist Himalayas: India and China quest for strategic dominance alleging that “the presence of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan people in India is the major disruptive factor” is his central theme of intent. Who knows, he might be hand-in-glove with members of the ’50 Cent Party’ playing the tunes of the Chinese Communist Party by indulging in the vulgar act of attacking His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibetan diaspora, where he fails to see the real cause of the Sino-India border disputes with his cheap propaganda book and talk. The Ladakhi people and leaders have brought shame on him. The insensitive Vintage publisher in connivance with him has published his hate-filled book and it was published with a sole motive of commercial profitability seeing the opportunity to milk unlimited monetary gains from its sale of sensational contents.

Doesn’t the ‘self-proclaimed expert’ P Stobdan know the universally-acknowledged basic fact that the root and real cause and conditions of India and China border disputes and conflict in 1962 is the invasion, occupation, and subjugation of the independent/occupied country of Tibet in 1959 by uninvited new master Communist China, and by historical chronicles hegemony expansionist Red China that colonized Tibet since 1959. That subsequently China attacked India in the midst of ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’ friendship sloganeering in 1962; that China attempted invasion of Vietnam in 1979; that China claims the South China Sea which is an international shipping waterway claimed by the littoral countries of Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand. That China threatens use of force against Taiwan; that China has violated or is attempting to destroy the basic law of the ‘one country, two systems’ international agreement signed on special administrative Hong Kong between Britain and China in 1997, with China bound to respect Hong Kong’s status of freedom and democracy for 50 years until 2050; that China has killed 1.2 million Tibetan people in occupied Tibet; that China has killed countless Chinese democracy activists and students protesting at Beijing, notoriously called infamous Tiananmen Square massacre on 4 June 1989, exactly 31 years ago. That China has imprisoned over a million Uighur people in East Turkistan or Xianjang and exploits them in economic slavery; that China’s repressive rule and tortures has caused over 150 self-immolations of Tibetan people. That China has has abducted and enforced disappearances of the world’s youngest prisoner the 11th Panchen Lama in 1995, whose whereabouts are still unknown after over two decades. The list of CCP’s crimes against humanity is endless.

P Stobdan appeases intolerant China, that imposes its tightly-controlled rule by instilling fear, using force and intimidation, whereas he criticizes His Holiness the Dalai Lama because He is the most humble, accessible,and compassionate and tolerant person of peace, and the Tibetan people for their tolerant, non-violent, and harmless nature.

The whole world knows that the Coronavirus disease originated from Wuhan city in China, and though the Chinese regime knew it is transmissible from human to human in Nov/December 2019, it did not inform the world until 20 January 2020. Hence China today is guilty of this cover-up that led to a global pandemic, infection of over six million confirmed cases, and over three hundred thousand deaths due to COVID-19 worldwide as of today 4 June 2020, and has caused incalculable collateral economic and social disruptions. And still China denies its accountability to the world community. Who is the global disruptor now, P Stobdan? It seems only the totalitarian CCP regime of China and its handful of appeasers are confused.

So, his baseless and insensitive vicious words attacking His Holiness the Dalai Lama as ‘disruptive and deceptive’ and his virulent actions on the Aaj Tak TV channel go against the obvious hard data, facts, and figures.

Hey, P Stobdan ‘the self-proclaimed expert’, tell the world and the Buddhist community who is the “major cause of disruption and conflict between India and China”? Call your book off the market shelf. How dare you write whimsical thoughts, declare on TV channel and social media that you’re an expert in national security? Maybe for your wallet’s security. You don’t know these self-evident basic current affairs.

The truth shall prevail.

Tsering Choekyap
McLeod Ganj, India

6 June 2020

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