Will Lukar Jam launch Case no 22 against Penpa Tsering in the Tibetan court?

The bitter fight between Lobsang Sangay and Penpa Tsering is being followed by their fanatical followers ready to charge at anyone who doesn’t agree with their views. This rivalry has landed them in the court based in Dharamshala, and a decision will be out soon. Will Penpa Tsering la win the case? Will he be depressed if he loses? Will there be a protest led by Mila Rangzen, Thinley Kelsang, and Thupten Thokmey against Lobsang Sangay, and his loyal supporters whom they call Khampas and brainless U-Tsangs? I hope the world will not turn upside down.

And then, from another part of the globe, and rather unexpectedly, Penpa Tsering — the aggrieved party in Case no 20 — might actually be a defendant or the supposed bully, in Case no 22! *

Lukar Jam declared on 23 August 2019 that he might consider filing a suit against Penpa Tsering for defamation and insult. Will Lukar Jam really launch the case? Isn’t he tired after fighting so many battles and getting bruises in return? Doesn’t he need to find a job to make some money for his family now that he is in Australia? I don’t know the answer to these. But I am wondering – what if Lukar Jam really files the case?

If he decides not to file the case, then the story ends here. I have nothing to write. But, let’s say Lukar Jam takes the red pill, and goes ahead with the case. Will he be successful? Or rather, will the Tibetan Court even hear his case? Is the case of Penpa Tsering vs Kashag a one-off case to solve a unique issue? I hope not. I just think the court in Dharamshala was laid there like an old disused jeep in the garage. And now the time has come to take it out.

What is Lukar Jam unhappy about? Lukar Jam felt insulted when Penpa Tsering declared that he wouldn’t speak on the same platform as him. The justification by Penpa Tsering is that Lukar Jam has insulted HH Dalai Lama. This claim, says Lukar Jam, came like an atom bomb that blasted his career, brought him financial ruin, reduced his social standing. Another claim by Lukar Jam is that Penpa Tsering used his position as the speaker of the Tibetan Parliament to block Lukar Jam from taking up a seat as an MP after a colleague from Amdo was forced out due to corruption issues.

Are these issues serious enough? If you were Lukar Jam, and your political nemesis has done to you what Penpa Tsering has done to him, would you take your case to court? I think I would.

I believe the decision for Case number 20 will be out within a month. I hope both parties — Sangay supporters and Tsering supporters — will refrain from jumping at each other’s throats and practice restraint if their side loses. And if you are Kungo Penpa Tsering la’s supporter, you might better save a bit of your energy for case number 22, where Penpa Tsering will be starring again.


Tsering Dhundup
PARIS, France

27 August 2019

A Case no 21 has already been filed, a charge against CTA discriminating in allotting retirement houses to some staff members. If Lukar Jam files a case, that will be no 22.

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