Investigation into Mr Dhundup Nyarong

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my view that our president Lobsang Sangay should soon inform the public on what CTA plans to do in regard to the request by Amdo Chithue Lobsang Choejor to investigate Dhundup Nyarong.

We know that during the Parliamentary proceedings, honorable MP Lobsang Choejor took up an extremely serious matter that should make us all shudder. Mr Choejor pointed our that a former minister of CTA, Gyari Dolma, had wined and dined with a well-known critic of the Dalai Lama — Dhundup Nyarong. The Honorable MP sought investigation into the case as a matter of urgency to safeguard the robust Tibetan democracy. But alas, no words on it so far, whatsoever! Does our Sikyong want to do anything to the destroyers of democracy? This is an issue that is long due for attention.

Tibetan democracy is the best democracy in the world, far exceeding India, USA, UK, and many others in terms of transparency, free speech, freedom of religion, and a host of other civil rights. In fact, His Holiness the Samdhong Rinpoche proudly declared on many occasions that the Tibetan government-in-Exile, which beautifully mixes religion with politics, is an example the world can learn from. And year by year, the strength of our democracy has constantly improved.

However, despite the improvement, Samdhong Rinpoche notes that “year by year, the threat of people criticising His Holiness the Dalai Lama is increasing,” and went on to remind us how such people are “more dangerous than Chinese government and Shugden worshippers.” I hope we can all see the irony. Whilst the democratic system is improving since 2011, a lot more people started voicing their opinions on what they think of the Dalai Lama and CTA, especially those who are educated in the western democratic countries like USA. This is extremely dangerous.

And I think those critics don’t understand Tibetan democracy, and don’t have any compassion. Dhundup Nyarong, an ex-monk based in USA, is one such individual who poses a great threat to our democracy.

Let me tell you a few facts about this man called Dhundup Nyarong. He was in fact in the list of “Heartless Tibetans who criticize [the] Dalai Lama”, a campaign initiated by Yongling Dawa Tsering. Moreover, Mr Nyarong had, I can reveal, also publicly criticized Dawa Tsering, saying that Yongling School doesn’t belong to him, but to the CTA and Tibetan people.

How can Mr Nyarong say such things to such a good man like Dawa Tsering who was a favourite of His Holiness, and even hand-picked as an MP in the 1990s. These kind of baseless criticisms by Mr Nyarong can clearly be imputed to ulterior motives of totally annihilating our unity. And who want to break our unity? China and Shugden people. Therefore, by logical deduction, he is either a Chinese spy or a closet shugden believer, or possibly both.

And Mr Nyarong’s evil deeds don’t stop here. Facebook has a large number of pictures and videos where he was seen associating with many other dangerous individuals in our society, such as Tenzin Dorjee (ex-SFT director), Jamyang Norbu (writer), Lukar Jam (ex-political prisoner), all of whom campaigned for independence of Tibet. The damage to Tibetan cause done by such people, while pretending to be human rights activists, is immeasurable.

In particular, I have no hesitation to call Lukar Jam worse than Mao Zedong, or Xi Jinping, as he has arrogantly stated: “I will kill anyone who doesn’t seek Tibetan independence, whether it is my father or the Dalai Lama.” This is a thinly-disguised death threat to HH the Dalai Lama. And, Mr Nyarong, knowing all this, had wilfully associated himself with Lukar Jam.

I am a simple and religious man, and I spend most of my time doing prayers and prostrations, and watching religious talks online. But when I go online, I see lots of educated Tibetans criticizing the Dalai Lama, the Karmapa, Sakya Trizin, Lobsang Sangay, Penpa Tsering, which causes me depression lasting weeks.

I respect HH the Dalai Lama as my saviour for both this life and the next life. We have democracy because of the Dalai Lama. Look at other countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba. Despite being sovereign, they have no democracy. We have democracy, even without having a country. My heart filled with pride when honorable MP Lobsang Choejor urged the Minister for Security to investigate Mr Nyarong, and make his connections with the Chinese government public.

But so far, we hear nothing about whether the investigation has started, or who they wish to deal with Mr Nyarong. To sum up, I request Sikyong to pass an order banning him from any Tibet-related events in future, in addition to the investigation. Pardon me for this rambling outpouring of emotions and the lack of organisation in this letter.


Tenzin Kelsang
London, UK

6 April 2018

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