Heartfelt thanks to Honourable Justice Sharad Kumar

Dear Justice Sharad Kumar,

Thank you from my heart for delivering justice finally on behalf of Tsultrim Chokden, a Tibetan youth who was murdered by three local men when he defended a woman friend from being sexually harassed two years ago in McLeod Ganj. Being a victim of local gang violence two decades ago, I can relate to what his family back in Tibet might have gone through.

I once got chased out of the police station for coming to lodge an FIR. Six months later I got mobbed again. This time I didn’t even care to go to the police station for help because I had lost faith in the criminal justice system.

Dharamshala police officers and constables should learn from this great judge, who is rare in today’s world of clouded transparency, unaccountability, and corruption.

They should nip in the bud any local-Tibetan conflict lawfully well before it becomes communal. When seeking help, dash to the scene of any conflict and don’t give any opportunistic politician or anyone else a chance to turn a conflict between two individuals into a communal issue.

Any time a Tibetan comes to the police station to lodge FIR, please welcome him and encourage him to file the complaint. Offer tea and some biscuits. That is professionalism, courtesy, and respect. Do not chase him away with intimidation and threats and abuses. Resist any pressure from powers that be to not do your sworn duty well.

We need a thousand more Justice Sharad Kumar Lagwal to resolve a thousand criminal cases every day in Himachal Pradesh. This way the judicial process for murder will take no more than a year to finish. This legal pronouncement is an effective deterrence to those who believe in brawn rather than the brain to resolve differences.

Thank you for delivering a punishment that fits the crime. It is already creating a sense of safety and peace in this beautiful town of Dharamshala. Thank you for restoring our faith in the Indian judicial system.

I thank you once again for your understanding and compassion, and for delivering justice in no uncertain terms.

Very respectfully,

Mila Rangzen

4 December 2017

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