About Buddhism – A reply to Mila Rangzen

Regarding the article by Mila Rangzen on Buddhist faith and the sleep of the Tibetan brain – Part 2 — I tried to give a comprehensive response but space doesn’t allow. So here is a short one.

I respect atheism and Mila Rangzen’s views. But I find there is a lot of distortion with regards to the understanding of true Buddha Dharma. I am no writer so please excuse any errors on my part. I also am no expert in Buddhism — I’m just a seeker of Spirituality.

Except for the three central large monasteries of Sera, Drepung and Gaden, all other monasteries and places of spiritual learning and practise existed on their own, with of course the patronage of the lay people — not funded by taxation.

What Buddha realized is the Truth, and so it cannot be that a new truth replaces an old Truth. Universal Truth or Buddha Dharma is eternal, unchanging, and constant. Those who knew it before him knew it, and those who know it today and those who will know it in future — it will be the same Truth. Most of us are truly asleep not understanding the Dharma.

Buddha did not treat women as any lesser beings. One’s gender has no relevance to spirituality. But Buddha was more concerned about the societal norms of those days. He knew there would be not as much societal support for women teachers/gurus as for men. We all know about labelling of women spiritual healers and practitioners as witches and burning them at the stake in the old days.

Buddha did not say desire is evil. He said desire is the cause of suffering. Desire per se cannot be evil. Having desires, but not having the means and resources and being afflicted with negative emotions causes suffering. Having desires and fulfilling those desires is completion. Longing and seeking Nirvana is a progression in human evolvement.

One who is fully realized and enlightened has transcended the physical body and has the ability to drop his body anytime he decides. By choosing to remain in this world, he grounds himself to the frequency of our 3-D existence to help humanity and guide us on our path.

The Universe is without a starting point and an ending point. This pure Consciousness of which we are all a part is beginningless. We all have lived numerous lives due to our karmic patterns and impressions. Once we’ve cleared all our karmic patterns and impressions we become aware of our true SELF of that Pure Consciousness. In that state one has access to the universal field of Pure Consciousness and therefore can see all his previous lifetimes.

With regard to your complaints about some Tulkus and Rimpoches conduct and their setting a bad example — please read Guru Rimpoche’s prophecies. Its all there. Nothing new.

Its true that Buddha Dharma is not about renunciation of material comforts, but a truly realized person lives in the present in abundance without any attachment and desire of material possessions, power, name, and fame.

Last but not least, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are shining examples of the success of the Buddhist faith. Far from sleep, it is the cause of the Awakening of Humanity.

Finally, a Seneca quote for you:

Everything is the product of one universal creative effort.There is nothing dead in nature, Everything is organic and living, and therefore the whole world appears to be a living organism.

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17 July 2016

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