TYC is working more like a political party

the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) was formed to act as a backbone for His Holiness the Dalai lama and fulfil the wish of the Tibetan people. But now TYC is working more like a political party, saying just one thing: Rangzen, Rangzen.

It is true that in 1970 when the TYC was started, His Holiness and the Tibetan Administration were asking for Rangzen too. That’s why it is sure that TYC was not formed just for Rangzen. After the change of path of the Tibetan Administration and His Holiness, TYC decided to stay unmoved.

The first aim and objective of TYC says “To dedicate oneself to the task of serving one’s country and people under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Spiritual and Temporal Ruler of Tibet.” But in practice, TYC is now doing and dedicating itself to fulfil one’s personal wish and stand. After so many speeches from His Holiness, and most recently Nechung Choekyong’s prediction saying Middle Way Policy is the best, TYC did not move.

Because of all these, TYC lost and is losing support from the general people. There are hardly any activities from TYC because they know that they will not get support from the people. Except for that routine hunger strike which usually emotionally strikes the people, there is not any practical activity for Rangzen from TYC. TYC members in Dhasa are seen mostly in picnics and leisure and tracking on most of their facebook pictures.

When I see these pictures, two things come to my mind: How many vacations they have, and who is checking them to do the work properly. Right now, I think TYC is used by people who are taking advantage in the name of Rangzen. Rangzen people doing nothing but writing in facebook and some blogs. How you get Rangzen but just doing such things??

TYC did lots of drama in New York because they have a Rangzen gang in New York: Jamyang Norbu and SFT people. They take advantage and put new people in New York TYC. I know these new people will do nothing except slogans and shouting in Chinese embassy. This news says TYC talks in India, but no details. Why? Because people in India are real His Holiness followers and they support south India and Ladakh TYC, not the TYC of Dharamshala and people like Tenzing Jigme who is number 1 Jamyang Norbu fan and acting like real TYC.

If TYC needs the support of the people, they have to change and accept the majority Tibetan wish. Otherwise TYC will become history under leaders like Tenzing Jigme, and before him Tsewang Rinzin and Dhondup Lhakdar. What they do is make His Holiness sad only. They kick out anyone who say TYC needs to safe and change and make better. Only people left now in TYC are those who are like Tenzing Jigme, Tsewang Rinzin, and Dhondup Lhakdar.

I may look like what I say is like, but many people like me think this way. If many people think this way then TYC does not have the people’s support. Without the people’s support, any organisation is just in name only and useless. I am ex-TYC and now I have changed, and many people, I mean most people, change because they know that change is important because TYC was started to take care of people in Tibet.

His Holiness says if we protest and say slogans, people in Tibet suffer. Here, we shout, go to jail one night, and put lots of picture on facebook, and people put khada, and that’s it. Because of this people in Tibet support, Chinese put more Tibetan in jail time. If you are really for Rangzen, don’t just give lecture and put picture on facebook. Do real things like Bhagat Singh and Chandrasekar Azad did for independence.

Sonam Tashi
Portland, Oregon, US

22 April 2016

Editor's note: This piece was sent as a comment to interview with Tenzing Jigme at Majority of members not asking for change in stance: TYC President. It was too long for comment, so it was moved here.
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