US Tibet Act interferes with China’s internal affairs

Global Times

ON THE WEB, 27 March 2019

China’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday slammed the US Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act (RATA), saying it “has severely violated the basic codes of international relations and is a violent interference with China’s internal affairs.”

“The RATA sends a wrong signal to Tibetan separatists and poses serious harm to the China-US communication and cooperation,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said during a routine press conference on Tuesday.

No foreign forces are allowed to interfere with Tibet-related affairs, which are purely China’s internal affair, Geng noted, reiterating China’s opposition to the act.

Geng stressed that the Tibet region is open to visitors from every nation while factors including the local unique geographical and climate conditions should be taken into consideration. It is totally necessary for the Chinese government to carry out management and protection measures for foreign visitors in accordance with laws and regulations.

He noted that China unwaveringly welcomes more people to visit the Tibet region for tourism or business purposes, but a premise is such visitors should abide by Chinese laws and regulations as well as go through necessary procedures.

Geng urged the US to stop using Tibet question to interfere with China’s internal affairs to avoid damaging China-US cooperation.

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