Commentary: South China Sea arbitration another plot hatched by US to reinforce hegemony

By Zhu Junqing | Xinhua

BEIJING, China, 15 July 2016

The so-called South China Sea arbitration is just a start key for the United States having ulterior motives to agitate the South China Sea situation to reinforce its hegemony.

The superpower has always been trying to maintain its hegemony around the world, including the Asia-Pacific region, and turn the western Pacific Ocean into its own sphere of influence, dreaming to turn the South China Sea into the Caribbean where its warships patrol at will.

Since the 1990s in particular, the United States has become upset about its dominance in the Asia-Pacific region in the face of China’s growing economy and increasing influence.

In 2009, US President Barack Obama announced his keystone foreign policy widely seen as a “strategic pivot to Asia” or rebalancing strategy to the Asia-Pacific, aiming to contain China’s peaceful rise, which was demonised by Washington as a substantial threat to the region and beyond.

Since then, Washington has taken the western Pacific Ocean as a major arena for its foreign policy and maritime disputes between China and its neighbors as a tool to manipulate. It vainly hopes to establish a new South China Sea order led by itself and based on its own interests.

Under such motives, the self-proclaimed “international police” has never stopped hyping up the so-called freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, falsely accused China of militarising the region, and instigated regional countries to internationalise their disputes with China.

The political farce of the South China Sea arbitration, unilaterally initiated by the former Philippine government under the pretext of law, is another plot hatched by the US government.

Alberto Encomienda, former secretary-general of Maritime and Ocean Affairs Center of the Philippine Foreign Affairs Department, said the United States has instigated his country to initiate the arbitration and make its own “laws.”

Through the case, the United States intended to smear China’s law-abiding image, create an atmosphere to instigate other countries to challenge its imaginary enemy, and make trouble for the emerging country’s peaceful development and smooth relations with neighboring countries.

Moreover, the United States has been exerting military pressure in the region over the past few years. Washington has finished the military deployment in such places as Darwin in Australia, the Subic Bay in the Philippines and Changi in Singapore.

According to its plan, the US Navy will deploy 60 percent of its warships in the region by 2020, and some 60 percent of overseas US Air Force will be gradually transferred here.

From first to last, it is the United States that has committed illegal acts to maximise its private interests and maintain its hegemony through implementing a double standard under the cover of international law.

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