Informatisation brings Tibet convenience

By Zhang Shuangfeng |

ON THE WEB, 10 July 2013

One of China’s leading communications companies has unveiled plans to expand its broadband and Wi-fi coverage in Tibet.

Tibet Branch of China Mobile has launched 4G wireless communication network this June. And along with this move, Tibet enters its 4G era.

According to the Branch, Tibet has already set up more than 50 4G test sites, including Qomolangma Base Camp and the Potala Palace. And Lhasa will realize the network coverage of its urban area by the end of this year.

Kelsang Phuntsok is a local resident at one of the test sites.

“Just as the number implies, compared with 3G, 4G will be faster and it will provide us with more apps. That’s what we young people need. I’m very much looking forward to it.”

Young people in Tibet are always eager to chase the trend and fashion in this modern digital century.

Tseten Dolkar is a bank clerk in Lhasa.

“We like to talk about interesting things on Weibo when we get together. Mobile game is another hot topic. However, online shopping is our favorite. We recommend and show what we bought online with each other. In a word, it is really convenient using Internet. For example, we release party information on Wechat. Internet has made it really easy.”

According to local officials, from the year 2004 to 2011, Tibet had gradually realised its optical cable communication, telephone communication, facsimile and broadband Internet service in every county and town.

Up till now, Tibet has almost finished its communication network, which covers all the cities, districts, counties and towns, including all the major roads and tourist attractions in the region.

Nyima Dorkyi, the deputy director of the Communication Administration Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region, says by the end of last year the number of Internet users in Tibet has nearly reached 1.5 million. Among them are 170 thousand wired broadband users.

That is to say, half of 3 million Tibetans are using Internet.

Tibet used to be a lonely remote place due to its geographic altitude. But now Internet has changed this and helps people in Tibet catch up with the pace of the nation, or even the world.

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