Proposal for transferring CTSA schools to CTA

By Alok Verma, Director | CTSA

NEW DELHI, India, 7 July 2012

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7 July 2012

To: The Joint Secretary (SE-II)
Department of School Education and Literacy,
Ministry of Human Resource Development,
Govt. of India, Shastri Bhawa,
New Delhi – 110 001

Subject: Change of management of CTSA – regarding,


Kindly refer to your D.O. letter No.4-3/2002-UT/School-3, dated 3.7.2012, addressed to the Director, NCERT, New Delhi and copy endorsed to CTSA. In this regard, the following issues need consideration of the MHRD while considering the proposal for transferring the management of schools under CTSA to Cenral Tibetan Administration (CTA), Dharamshala.

  1. Initially, 34 pre-primary, 7 primary and 7 middle schools be transferred to CTA, Dharamshala. Gradually, over a period of time, whenever, CTA thinks that it has attn3d the capability of running these schools, the rest of the schools of secondary and senior secondary levels be transferred to them.
  2. In almost all cases, the lands belong to state governments / CTSA, as detailed in Annexure ‘I’. There is no need to change the stauts of ownership of the land. However, other capital assets may be transferred to CTA, Dharamshala at a nominal rent.
  3. As far as the retired and serving personnel of CTSA are concerned, it is important to safeguard their interests viz. salary, pensionary benefits, medical facilities and other allowances. It is further proposed that the serving employee may be given an option to join sister organizations like NVS, KVS, CBSE and NCERT etc., under Ministry of HRD, while protecting their service conditions and pensionary benefits. Seniority of the employees in each cadre also needs to be protected.
  4. In case of retired employees, who are already drawing pensions from CTSA, this will have to be continued either through the Ministry directly or through other organizations under MHRD.
  5. Tibetan nationals have also been employed by CTSA. Their service conditions and other benefits also need to be protected on the same lines, as that of Indian employees.
  6. Indian students should be allowed to continue studying in CSTs, as per the existing norms. In no case, any Indian student should be asked to leave the school due to the change of management.
  7. There is a possiblity that some employees may be willing to work under the new management. These employees may be allowed to do so and their pay and pensionary benefits will have to be protected.
  8. In many PSUs, there is a provision for ‘golden handshake’ i.e. employees are given an option to take voluntary retirement on payment of certain sum of money for the period of service left. This option may also be given to the CTSA employees, while protecting their pensionary benefits.
  9. The GPF and NPS contributions of the employees may be transferred to the organizations where the employee has been absorbed/have joined. In case of employee who continue to work under new management, the funds in their credit may be refunded to the concerned employee.
  10. Court cases filed by the employees against the Administration may be transferred to the oganizations which have absorbed the employees. In case of those who have left service, the court cases may be transferred to the new management.
  11. Those employees who will join CTSA on regular basis, after this proposal has ben sent to MHRD, their services shall also need to be protected in the same manner, as that of existing employees.

MHRD is requested to kindly consider the above issues, while considering the proposal for change of the management of CTSA. The following details are furnished for this purpose:

 i) Details of students and staff of CTSA (Annexure ‘II’)
ii) details of employees – teaching and non-teaching separately (Annexure ‘III’)

Yours fathfully

Alok Verma

Copy of circular posted on website of CTSA, Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, regarding the planned transfer of CTSA schools to the Department of Education of the Central Tibetan Administration.
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