ElectionsTibetan Elections: Official preliminary round 2021 results

Chief Election Commissioner Wangdu Tsering Pesur announces the results of the preliminary round of elections for Sikyong and members of Tibetan Parliament-in-exile at the exile headquarters in Dharamshala, India, on 8 February 2021.

Chief Election Commissioner Wangdu Tsering Pesur announces the results of the preliminary round of elections for Sikyong and members of Tibetan Parliament-in-exile at the exile headquarters in Dharamshala, India, on 8 February 2021. Tibet Sun/Lobsang Wangyal

McLEOD GANJ, India, 8 February 2021

by Lobsang Wangyal

Sikyong Total updated on 9 February 2021

The Election Commission of the Central Tibetan Administration announced the results of the preliminary round of the 2021 Tibetan Elections on 8 February 2021. The polling was held on 3 January to elect candidates for the final voting for Sikyong (Prime Minister) and 45 Chitues (Members of Parliament). Out of 82,969 registered voters, 63,701 Tibetans voted at 57 locations in 25 countries around the world. However, voting didn't take place in Bhutan.

Tibetans in India and Nepal will choose 10 members each from their respective provinces of Amdo, Kham, and U-Tsang. The monks and nuns will elect two representatives each from their respective religious schools: Bon, Gelug, Kagyu, Nyingma, or Sakya. Residents of Australasia (excluding India, Nepal, and Bhutan) will elect one, and of Europe and North/South America will elect two representatives each.

Names announced today for Sikyong and members of Parliament must confirm their position whether staying in the fray with the Election Commission to be shortlisted as candidates for the final round of voting on 11 April. All those shortlisted must write to their local Election Commission by 15 February. If a person is running either for Sikyong or Chithue, they must submit their bio along with recent photographs.

List of the candidates for the final round will be announced on 21 March, with each assigned an election sign along with their names and other details. No campaigning will be allowed by anyone till the above date of announcing the final candidates, leaving only 20 days for campaigning.

The Election Commission announced that there had been errors in the totals of the Sikyong results, and updated those totals on 9 February 2021.

Sikyong results

Name Origin From Occupation Votes
Penpa Tsering  Nangra/Amdo  Bylakuppe  Former Speaker  23,762 
Kelsang Dorjee Aukatsang  Chamdo/Kham  Switzerland  Former SARD Director  14,031 
Gyari Dolma  Nyarong/Kham  Delhi  Former Minister  13,171 
Dongchung Ngodup  Surtso/U-Tsang  Delhi  Former Minister  10,011 
Lobsang Nyandak  Chateng/Kham  US  Former Minister  983 
Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok  Ngari/U-Tsang  Dharamshala  Deputy Speaker  221 

Chitue results

Amdo (Domay) - 30

Name Residence Votes
  Pema Tso  Dharamshala  1,558 
  Dhondup Tashi  Dharamshala  1,438 
  Serta Tashi Dhondup  Kathmandu  1,257 
  Yeshi Dolma  Dharamshala  1,164 
  Karma Gelek  Bhandara  1,086 
  Ratsa Sonam Norbu  Nepal  1,015 
  Lobsang Thubten  Dharamshala  858 
  Geshe Gangri  Dharamshala  842 
  Tsering Lhamo  Dharamshala  794 
  Thubten Lungrig  Dharamshala  788 
  Lobsang Choejor  Dharamshala  735 
  Pasang Topden  Pune  554 
  Choedak Gyatso  Dharamshala  547 
  Lobsang Tashi  Clement Town  539 
  Tenzin Choedak  Delhi  504 
  Sonam Wangmo  Clement Town  458 
  Ugyen Kyap  Delhi  475 
  Sangay Tashi  Dharamshala  394 
  Chungdup Tsering  Hunsur  339 
  Lhalung Gyal  Dharamshala  288 
  Lobsang Choephel  Dharamshala  221 
  Tsering Youdon  Hunsur  177 
  Wangden Kyap  Dharamshala  175 
  Nyenthar  Bangalore  167 
  Geshe Lobsang  Mundgod  141 
  Dukden Kyi  Dharamshala  134 
  Tsering Logya  Bir  122 
  Meu Wangzin Lhamo  Delhi  41 
  Penpa Tsering  Bylakuppe  22 
  Dhondup Tashi  Clement Town  6 

Kham (Dotoe) - 30

Name Residence Votes
  Dorje Tsetan  Bir  6,958 
  Aukatsang Youdon  Gangtok  5,801 
  Tenzin Jigdel  Dharamshala  4,601 
  Tsering Dolma  Shillong  4,469 
  Juchen Kunchok Choedon  Bir  4,419  
  Gyaldong Phurbu Dorje  Dharamshala  3,761  
  Serta Tsultrim  Bir  3,638 
  Kunchok Yarphel  Delhi  3,315 
  Yangchen Dolkar  Shillong  2,819 
  Choephel Thupten  Bangalore  2,647 
  Wangdue Dorje  Bir  2,563 
  Tamdin Hrichoe  Pokhara  2,164 
  Pema Delek  Bylakuppe  2,163 
  Lhundup Dorje  Bylakuppe  2,034 
  Tenpa Yarphel  Dharamshala  1,867 
  Ngawang Lodoe  Kumrao  1,709 
  Ngawang Tharpa  Dharamshala  1,534 
  Nyingmig  Tashi Jong  1,466 
  Ugyen Jigme  Clement Town  1,451 
  Dawa Dolma  Hunsur  1,393 
  Thupten Tashi  Mundgod  1,314 
  Jangchup Rinchen  Dharamshala  1,087 
  Jamyang Dakpa  Dharamshala  1,038 
  Tashi Wangdue  Bangalore  1,070 
  Ngawang Choephel  Gopalpur  1,015 
  Tsewang Tenzin  Hunsur  1,007 
  Sonam Choedon  Kalimpong  800  
  Phurbu Tsering  Mundgod  475 
  Tenzin Choegyal  Dharamshala  381 
  Tsangdak Tashi Phuntsok  Gangtok  316 

U-Tsang - 30

Name Residence Votes
  Dolma Tsering  Dharamshala  13,501 
  Dawa Phunkyi  Dharamshala  13,379 
  Pema Jungney  Dharamshala  11,460 
  Tsering Yangchen  Bylakuppe  8195 
  Dawa Tsering  (Yongling) Dharamshala  7,945 
  Ngodup Dorje  Dharamshala  7,371 
  Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar  Dharamshala  6,286 
  Dhondup Tashi  Ladakh  5,483 
  Mingyur Dorje  Hunsur  5,106 
  Jampa Choephel  Dharamshala  4,866 
  Lobsang Gyatso Sither  Dharamshala  4,500 
  Tenzin Dolma  Bylakuppe  4,312 
  Rinzin Lhundup  Bangalore  4,126 
  Samten Choedon  Bylakuppe  3,713 
  Chonga Tsering  Delhi  3,687 
  Janyel Tsering Lhakyap  Bylakuppe  3,405 
  Tenzin Choezin  Dharamshala  3,173 
  Jigme  Delhi  3,072 
  Tenzin Kalsang  Dharamshala  2,727 
  Ngodup Wangdue  Bir  2,603 
  Tenzin Gyurme  Mundgod  2,588 
  Ngawang Lodoe  Bylakuppe  2,434 
  Dawa Tsering  Dharamshala  2,347 
  Rinchen Tsering  Dehra Dun  2,261 
  Dhungtso Tsering Thakchoe  Dharamshala  2,208 
  Kunchok Tsering  Shimla  2,151 
  Namgyal Qusar  Dharamshala  2,126 
  Sonam Tsering  Bylakuppe  2,124 
  Choenor Samdup  Orissa  2,024 
  Namgong Sonam Topgyal  Dekiling  1,951 

Bon - 6

Name Votes
  Geshe Monlam Tharchin  125 
  Bara Tsewang Tashi  108 
  Geshe Atong Rinchen Gyaltsen  103 
  Geshe Namdak Tsukphue  52 
  Ngoche Loden Nyima  3 
  Kalsang Tenzin  3 

Gelug - 6

Name Votes
  Geshe Gowo Lobsang Phende  2,238 
  Geshe Phurbu Samdup  1,816 
  Geshe Aduk Tsetan  1,319 
  Geshe Lobsang  1,182 
  Geshe Yeshi Gawa  1,062 
  Geshe Namgyal Gyaltsen  933 

Kagyu - 6

Name Votes
  Kunga Sotop  242 
  Tenpa Yarphel  211 
  Lama Thinley  209 
  Nyingmig  76 
  Khenpo Kunchok Monlam  63 
  Gyurmey Tsundue  25 

Nyingma - 6

Name Votes
  Khenpo Sonam Tenphel  634 
  Khenpo Jamphel Tenzin  447 
  Trengo Namdol Yarphel  159 
  Gyanbu Sonam Tsering  130 
  Khenpo Pema Choephel  113 
  Gyari Dolma  6 

Sakya - 6

Name Votes
  Lopon Thupten Gyaltsen  239 
  Khenpo Kadak Ngodup Sonam  179 
  Khenpo Jamyang Gonpo  128 
  Acharya Lobsang Gyaltsen  112 
  Jamyang Thinley  6 
  Pema Jungney  2 

Australasia - 3

Name Residence Votes
  Thupten Dhondup  Melbourne  436  
  Gotsang Nigan  Sydney  391 
  Doring Tenzin Phuntsok  Cosi Lady  391 

Europe/Africa - 6

  Name Residence Votes
  Thupten Wangchen  Spain  4,812 
  Thupten Gyatso  France  2,805 
  Gangshontsang Lobsang  Switzerland  2,041 
  Tashi Delek  Belgium  1,766 
  Karma Choekyi  Switzerland  1,159 
  Samdo Jampa Tsering  Switzerland  770 

North/South America - 6

Name Residence Votes
  Goduk Kalsang Phuntsok  Portland  2,921 
  Tsetan Phuntsok  California  2,347 
  Tenzin Jigme  Minnesota  2,235 
  Dhondup Tsering  Massachusetts  1,966 
  Pema Chazoetsang  Utah  1,722 
  Sonam Langkar  Canada  1,688 

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There are 9 comments so far.

  1. 9.
    Silden Gangri says:on 12 February 2021 at 7:06 pm

    There are some people who believe that if they lie and slander as much as possible, some people will believe them. This was the tactic used by Adolf Hitler and Chinese communists. Adolf Hitler famously said “if you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”.

    In German: grosse Luge; which means big lie is a propaganda technique to distort truth. This was coined by Hitler in his book Mein Kampf. It is believed that Hitler used the big lie about Jews as being responsible for Germany’s defeat in the First World War which turned German sentiment against the Jews which resulted in the Holocaust.

    The German propaganda minister Joseph Gobbles repeated the lie that conspiracy of Jews was the real power in Britain, Russia and the US who were then the allied powers which defeated Nazi Germany.

    Some PT supporters are also indulging in the big lie theory to smear Kalsang Dorje Aukatsang by slandering him endlessly. Unlike PT who has never cleared his name of alleged murder of Kathak Tulku, associating and in cahoots with human trafficker late Thinley Kalsang, alchoholism, immorality in cheating and deserting ones wife and marriage wrecker.

    He is also mentioned by the New York police Chinese spy Pema Dorje Ngawang as saying, “he is a good man. You should contact him” to the New York and New Jersy Tibetan community leader, Sonam Gephel. If the allegations are not true, PT has to come out smoking and dispel all these multiple accusations once and for all. But he chose to keep silent. You have to wonder why?

    Is he afraid that he will be caught red handed? Is he frightened that it will only open the Pandora’s box?

    On the other hand, Kaydor Aukatsang has a clean slate. Surely, he is much more eligible of high office than accused PT.

    • 8.
      Tsering says:on 13 February 2021 at 4:30 am

      Ha, Ha,
      Pot calling kettle black. PT haters always raise about Kathak trulku and all those nonsense like reciting mantra. If you have a proof, why don’t you guys prove it in the court of law. It is innocent until proven guilty and not the other way round. You people are the one who are levelling allegations against PT. You should be the one to prove his guilt, it is not for him to prove his innocence. It is not “guilty until proven innocent”.

  2. 7.
    Lobsang, from Minneapolis Usa, says:on 10 February 2021 at 10:02 pm

    Most of us are aware of the fact that its a forgone conclusion that kalsang dorje can never ever be elected to any office under Tibetan administration of the fact that he intentionally removed the photo of HH the Dalai Lama and replaced it with Lobsang Sangay’s photo in the office of Tibet in Washington DC. In my opinion he crossed the red line. Inspite of this despicable act, due to a small pocket of tribal affiliation especially located in south Indian monastic put their vote to him. A good part of last ten years has been lost to divisional squabbles among Tibetans. Let us not commit the same mistake but instead elect the most capable and deserving candidate in the name of Penpa Tsering. I am absolutely positive and confident that Penpa Tsering will guide us in the right direction.

  3. 6.
    རྒྱལ་མཚན།, from Dharamshala, says:on 10 February 2021 at 9:19 am

    Acharya Yeshi phuntsok knows of his real strength and what people believe in him instead he tries to put his feet in other’s shoes which he left in nowhere else. He should have stick to what he is capable of and what he does most valuable at? He knows it but still, he is dragged by hunger and greediness, fallen under Gyari’s misguided path and unachievable aspiration. I have voted him all those years in the Chitue but this time he fails himself and ours too. please think better next time when taking the stand…

  4. 5.
    tenzin lhamo says:on 9 February 2021 at 10:49 pm

    Next time, we know the firstname ” TENZIN” always belong to Utsang province. Ummm.

    • 4.
      Lhanzey says:on 11 February 2021 at 5:47 pm

      You mean that car towing guy who was last seen selling what look like a cheap China product on his live show on social media, or you mean the fake fat (gyakpa zuma) Filipina guy who is seen on every picture and video? Stand no chance even when your turns grey.

  5. 3.
    Daveno says:on 9 February 2021 at 10:46 pm

    Where is Tashi Topgyal in the list? Is Election Commission deliberately hiding his name?


    There will be a proper protest against EC, like Mila Rangzen and Thinley Kalsang did against Lobsang Sangay, in Gangkyi if Tashi Topgyal name is not released.

  6. 2.
    Thupten Tsering, from Ladakh, says:on 9 February 2021 at 9:17 pm

    The biggest loser for Tibetan community is not finding Archarya Yeshi Phuntsok anywhere as candidate, either in U-Tsang or in Sakya constituency. It is a big loss for there is no Chithue, one who is as hard working as this monk, especially in garnering Indian support for Tibet.

    It also shows Lamaji himself overplayed his hands by standing for Sikyong instead of sticking to Chithue candidacy. I am a Ngari myself so it won’t be wrong to say this here, that there is something wrong in our Ngari bones that we often oversell ourself when we should not and, we undersell ourself when we should do the opposite. Take our once rising star lawyer Phurbu Dorjee la now vaporized in thin air after standing for Sikyong candidate. I hope Lamaji will find some resurrection because Tibetan cause needs activist like him.

  7. 1.
    Losangpo says:on 9 February 2021 at 2:01 pm

    The results looking impressive. I think the public has proven that 10 likes on Facebook doesn’t translate into 10 votes lol.

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