About Tibet Sun

The team members of Tibet Sun — www.tibetsun.com — are happy and proud that the site was launched on 8.8.08, coinciding with the opening of the Beijing Olympics. The site is aimed at safeguarding the national interest of Tibet and the Tibetan people. It also addresses other pressing global issues and current affairs, imparting all news and views frankly and fearlessly.

Every effort is made that all works on the site conform to the accepted norms, rules, and ethics of journalism, and the reportage is objective and based on truth.

As Tibet Sun aims to publish a diverse perspective, it also publishes the official Chinese news and views disseminated through Xinhua and CCTV and its subsidiary networks, to bring more understanding and awareness about the Chinese government policies and propaganda.

Therefore, the site not only helps bring more awareness to both Tibetans and non-Tibetans about Tibetan news and issues, it also helps make the Tibetan presence on the web more prominent. We also strive to bring Tibetan journalism to new heights of quality.

Tibet Sun is not competing with any one. The idea of the site was conceived many years before it was born, to use the expertise and experience of the team members in their respective fields. However, due to lack of adequate resources, it remained unmaterialised until 2008. Although the site has been running successfully, we still need financial support to fulfill all our dreams for it.

Advertisements are intended to be our main source of revenue. We encourage people to advertise with us so that we can be self-sustaining and bring the best of services to you.

Every contribution we receive from readers like you, big or small, goes directly into funding our journalism. Our bookkeeping page is here. Even as little as $1 helps us to keep working as we do now.

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