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China virus outbreak rams global tourism, costing billions


With tens of millions of Chinese ordered to stay put and many others avoiding travel as a new virus spreads, tourism around the globe is taking a heavy hit during one of the biggest travel seasons in Asia, the Lunar New Year.

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  • China virus death toll rises to 56, total cases near 2,000

    The death toll from a virus in China has risen to 56 and the number of people infected across the country is nearing 2,000, authorities said Sunday. Among the new deaths, 13 were in Hubei, the province at the heart of the outbreak
  • Thousands protest in Iraq to demand ouster of US troops

    Thousands of supporters of populist Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr gathered in Baghdad on Friday for a rally to demand the ouster of US troops, putting the protest-hit capital on edge.
  • World Court orders Myanmar to protect Rohingya from acts of genocide

    The International Court of Justice on Thursday ordered Myanmar to take urgent measures to protect its Rohingyas from genocide, a ruling cheered by refugees as their first major legal victory since being forced from their homes.




  • The 97 kms between China and mastery of the Mekong
    Ninety-seven km of rocks in Thai waters stand between Beijing and dominance over the Mekong, a mighty river that feeds millions as it threads south from Tibet through five countries before emptying into the South China Sea.

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