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Nepal temple bans mass animal slaughter

File photo/AP/Gemunu Amarasinghe

In a victory for animals, Nepalese Gadhimai temple authorities said Tuesday they would end a centuries-old Hindu tradition of mass animal slaughter that attracts hundreds of thousands of worshippers.

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  • Former Indian president APJ Kalam dies aged 83

    India's former president and top scientist APJ Kalam, who played a lead role in the country's nuclear weapons tests, died on Monday, a hospital official said. He was 83.
  • Regional chapter of New York and New Jersey abandons TYC

    Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of New York and New Jersey (RTYC NY/NJ) has abandoned the central Tibetan Youth Congress organisation, becoming the ninth regional chapter to leave the organisation.
  • Tibetans in exile living as international orphans

    The sunset clause of the Immigration Act has made Tibetans in exile international orphans, the Taiwan Association for Human Rights said during a protest that included a group of Tibetans outside the National Immigration Agency.


  • The Race for Sikyong
    By Pam D Tenzin
    A background of the last Tibetan Election, and a look towards the upcoming Election in 2016.


  • Election answers; democracy questions
    The process of elections have always raised questions about Tibetan democracy, especially the two most fundamental and driving principles – freedom and equality.


  • Tibet in the sky
    The Tibet Balloon, "Tashi Gyaltsen", flew with 433 balloons in the skies of France on 26 July in a world record event produced by Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons.

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Tibetans in New York and New Jersey elect new RTYC members By Tenzin Paksam

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