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Fasting Modi meets Obama at White House

The Daily Beast

President Barack Obama took a first chance to size up Narendra Modi Monday, as the new Indian Prime Minister brought a tour which wowed New York to the White House.

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  • The Scottish referendum: A cause of worry for China?
    By Lobsang Wangyal
    Scotland's historic referendum which resulted in a vote for "no independence" from Britain has been watched with interest around the world. Tibetans had mixed feelings, while Beijing followed it with concern.



  • Oh, Big Brother: How many sites are now blocked in China
    The real issue with all China's web censorship is how it’s keeping people in the dark on a range of important yet contentious issues, happening on the kind of sites that are more in-depth than a page on Facebook or G+ could ever be.

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Thousands join Tibetan Uprising day protest in New York By Ngawang Palden

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